CMIP5 errata information from CESM1 and CCSM4

Table of correct 'branch_time' values for all CMIP5 runs

Known problems

Date of first posting Model(s) Files/simulations Description Status Expected resolution
date, or date resolved
19 April 2017 CCSM4 ta_6hrLev_CCSM4_rcp45_r6i1p1 Data replicated from single year(s) across all time samples Corrected 01 May 2017
08 Aug 2016 CCSM4 prc_Amon from historical_r[1-6]i1p1 and
Scaling of 1000 kg m-3 failed to be applied to convert from m s-1 to kg m-2 s-1 Corrected 09 Aug 2016
29 Apr 2016 CESM1-CAM5 amip4K 4K SST perturbation not applied - identical to amip Will be corrected and rerun TBD
06 Jan 2016 CCSM4 mrsos_Lmon from historical_r1i1p1 and
Incorrect derivation of mrsos from CLM output Do not use - will not be corrected 06 Jan 2016
05 June 2015 CESM1-CAM5 and CCSM4 sstClim and sstClim4xCO2, all files Incorrect SST climatology file used Will be corrected and re-run TBD
24 Mar 2015 CCSM4 abrupt4xCO2, all files CO2 in r1 is correct - 4 * 284.7ppm
CO2 in r2 is different - 4 * 355ppm. Use with caution.
22 Dec 2014 CESM1-CAM5 All historical*, all files forcings metadata in error - these runs have sulfate indirect (SI) and sulfate direct (SD) forcings time-evolving, so "SD" should be "SA" Not to be corrected 22 Dec 2014
28 Oct Jun 2014 CCSM4 3hr from amip_r[1-5]i1p1 piControl_r2i1p1

clt hfls hfss huss rlds rldscs rlus rsds rsdscs rsus pr prc prsn
Values represent average so time must be midpoint of 3-hour interval, not endpoint
Solution: shift time coordinate by -90 minutes
No corrections to be made 3 Nov 2014
6 Jun 2014 CESM1-CAM5 All of 1941 missing but not properly set as missing Corrected 9 Jun 2014
1 May 2014 CESM1-CAM5 OImon_CESM1-CAM5_rcp85_r3i1p1 Erroneous values for 2006-2095, all fields Corrected 2 May 2014
3 Feb 2014 All models All experiments burntArea should be divided by 12
to properly weight by month
No corrections will be made 3 Feb 2014
29 Jan 2014 CESM1-CAM5 Amon_rcp85_r3i1p1 Incorrect values for all Amon fields Corrected 30 Jan 2014
29 Jan 2014 CCSM4 OImon_CCSM4_historical_r2i1p1 Incorrect time values for all OImon fields Corrected 30 Jan 2014
10 Oct 2013 CESM1-CAM5 amipFuture Incorrect SST dataset used - SST not perturbed Experiment will be rerun and data overwritten End Oct 2013
26 Sep 2013 All models All experiments burntArea cCwd cLeaf cLitter cMisc cProduct cSoil cSoilFast
cSoilMedium cSoilSlow cVeg cWood fFire fLitterSoil fLuc
fVegLitter gpp nbp nppLeaf nppRoot nppWood ra rGrowth rh rMaint
, improperly masked over ocean areas,
leading to very large values over ocean
Any regridding/calcuations should ignore values > 1.e20 TBD
15 Aug 2013 CCSM4 historicalMisc_r1i1p12 all files forcings metadata in error - this run has black carbon (BC)
time-evolving only, not organic carbon (OC) as noted
Not to be corrected 16 Aug 2013
2 Jul 2013 CCSM4 rlus_day from
rcp45_r6i1p1 rcp60_r6i1p1 rcp85_r6i1p1
Too large by factor of 1000.
Data can be used if one divides by 1000, but
these data will be corrected and replaced.
Corrected 9 Jul 2013
24 Jun 2013 CCSM4 rcp26_r6i1p1
all 3hr, Amon, day, LImon, Lmon, OImon, Omon
Misfeature in CAM causing some monthly averaged fields to be overwritten with instantaneous values Withdrawn Do not use
24 Feb 2013 CESM1-CAM5 historical, rcp26, rcp45, rcp60, rcp85 Incorrect parent_experiment_rip for all RCP data:
rcpNN_r1i1p1 incorrectly given parent_experiment_rip of r3i1p1
rcpNN_r2i1p1 incorrectly given parent_experiment_rip of r1i1p1
rcpNN_r3i1p1 incorrectly given parent_experiment_rip of r2i1p1
All rcpNN parent_experiment_id now match.
04 Mar 2013
07 Feb 2013 CESM1-BGC, CESM1-WACCM 1pctCO2, esmControl, esmFdbk1, esmFdbk2, esmFixClim1,
esmFixClim2, esmHistorical, esmrcp85,
historical, piControl, rcp26, rcp45, rcp85
(as relevant)
co2_Amon incorrectly weighted Corrected 14 Mar 2013
06 Feb 2013 All models All experiments npp_Lmon improperly masked over ocean areas,leading to very large values over ocean Corrected 08 Feb 2013
29 Jan 2013 CCSM4 historical_r6i1p1 cfc11 from Omon is in error after year 1979 Withdrawn Do not use
02 Jan 2013 CESM1-CAM5 All experiments Incorrect branch_time in netCDF header, all files Fix requires modification of ~6,856 files and changing tracking_id, TBD See branch_times.html
12 Dec 2012 CCSM4 and CESM1-CAM5 amip4xCO2 Incorrect prescribed CO2 values Experiments re-run and re-processed 14 Feb 2013
10 Oct 2012 All models All experiments tran_Lmon incorrectly defined - missing transpiration component Corrected 18 Oct 2012
21 Aug 2012 CCSM4 Daily multilevel data hur, hus, ta, ua, va, wap, zg from historical_r6i1p1 ua (at least) incorrectly vertically interpolated Corrected 23 Aug 2012
23 Aug 2012 CESM1-BGC All fields from Oyr_historical and Oyr_esmHistorical Shift in 1981 to incorrect original model field Corrected 24 Aug 2012
16 Aug 2012 CCSM4 All clisccp_cfMon All clisscp has transposed 'plev' and 'tau' levels Corrected 21 Aug 2012
18 Jul 2012 CCSM4 All zos_Omon from historical, rcp26, rcp45, rcp60, rcp85, piControl Incorrectly calculated as change from piControl Corrected 20 July 2012