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CCSM Software Engineering 

Working Group Meeting

February 14-15, 2002





Thursday, February 14, 2002


8:00 a.m.            Continental Breakfast


8:30-8:45            Introduction and additions to agenda (Rood)


8:45-9:30            Presentation of draft SEWG mission statement (DeLuca)


                          <How should the SEWG interact with the CCSM Software Engineering Group

                           (CSEG) and the community?>


9:30-10:00         CCSM2 release status report (Craig/Buja)


10:00-10:15       Break


10:15-12:00       Report on and discussion of the CCSM Software Engineering Coordination Plan (Craig)


                          - change review boards

                          - configuration management and repositories

                          - bundling libraries (e.g., ESMF, MCT) with CCSM source

                          - testing

                          - role of new hires


                        <Are any modifications or extensions to this plan suggested?>


12:00-1:00          Lunch


1:00-2:00            Report on Construx software engineering training and the resulting action plan (Craig/Buja)


2:00-3:00            Interaction and status of various CCSM plans (Co-Chairs)

                        - Software Engineering Plan and Component Plans

                        - Software Engineering Coordination Plan

                        - Construx action plan


3:00-3:15            Break


3:15-5:00            Continuation of discussion of CCSM Software Engineering Plans


Friday, February 15, 2002


8:00                    Continental Breakfast


8:30-9:30            Project, agency, and inter-agency computational objectives


                        <Are CCSM software engineering activities consistent with objectives?>


9:30-10:00          ESMF project status report and timeline (DeLuca)


10:00-10:15         Break


10:15-11:00         DOE/NCAR CCSM development project report and timeline (Bettge/Larson)


11:00-11:15         DAO/NCAR collaboration report and timeline


11:15-12:00         Coordination of ESMF, DAO, and DOE projects


12:00-1:00           Lunch


1:00-3:00            Discussion of additional roles, skills, and tools needed by the CSEG group and CCSM project


3:00-3:15            Break


3:15-5:00            Preparation of SEWG recommendations