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CSM Ice Modeling Meeting Agenda (Draft)

Monday, 27 September 1999

Director's Conference Room

0800 Coffee, pastries
0830 Approval of agenda, Introduction (Dick Moritz)
0850 CSM-ice modeling: Goals, Objectives, Milestones (max 10 minutes each)
  Speaker: Peter Gent (representing CSM)
Speaker: Dick Moritz
Speaker: Elizabeth Hunke
Speaker: Jinlun Zhang
Speaker: Cecilia Bitz
Speaker: Bill Lipscomb
Speaker: Bruce Briegleb
Speaker: Marika Holland
1000 Break
1015 Status Reports (max 20 minutes each)
  Topic: Standard CSM Ice and Current Ocean/Ice models, Speaker: Peter Gent
Topic: Performance of CSM ice model(s), Speakers: Bruce Briegleb, Dick Moritz
Topic: C-ICE, Speaker: Elizabeth Hunke
Topic: VP ADI, Speakers: Bruce Briegleb, Jinlun Zhang
Topic: Bitz G(h), Thermo Model, Speaker: Cecilia Bitz
Topic: Lipscomb G(h), Thermo Model, Speaker: Bill Lipscomb
Topic: CSM Ocean/Ice Modeling, Speaker: Marika Holland
1230 Lunch Break
0130 Key Problems (in CSM context) (coffee, cookies)
Flux Coupler (Discussion Leader: Elizabeth Hunke)
---- List of variables passed between ice model and coupler, and a few notable exceptions
---- Minimizing necessary errors, or choosing which errors to put up with
Other formulations for coupling (Discussion Leader: Cecilia Bitz

Variables from CSM Atmosphere and CSM Ocean
Radiation (Discussion Leader: Dick Moritz)
Air temperature, sensible heat flux, wind, air stress (Discussion Leader: Bruce Briegleb)
---- The CSM/CCM air stress, sensible heat flux parameterizations
0300 Break
0315 Key Problems in CSM Context, continued
  Variables from CSM Atmosphere and CSM Ocean, continued
Water temperature, ocean heat flux (Discussion Leader: Marika Holland)
The McPhee heat flux parameterization ocean current, water stress (Discussion Leader: Peter Gent)
Ice and Snow Growth and Melt, Heating and Cooling (Discussion Leader: Bill Lipscomb)
---- Salinity profile
---- Albedo formulation as f (categories in g(h))
---- Melt ponds
---- Snow-ice formation
---- Snow Thermal, radiative properties

Ice Transport (Discussion Leader: Cecilia Bitz)
---- New LANL Advection scheme
---- Choice of categories
---- Tracers

Ice Dynamics and Deformation (Discussion Leader: Jinlun Zhang)
---- Strength formulation as f (categories in g(h))
---- Ridging schemes
0600 Adjourn