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Report 3

25 February 1998

 Chairs: John Kutzbach, University of Wisconsin and Bette Otto-Bliesner, NCAR


The CSM Paleoclimate Working Group held a meeting on 17-18 February 1998 in Boulder, Colorado. The purpose of this meeting was to update scientists on the status of the CSM, inform them of developments of particular interest to paleoclimate researchers, and to plan working group simulations to be initiated in the next 6 months. The agenda is included in Appendix A. Participants in the Working Group meeting are listed in Appendix B.

The following recommendations were made by the group:

1) The Paleoclimate Working Group is ready to start two community CSM simulations, a 500-1000 year simulation to determine the non-externally forced natural variability (the first in a series of simulations to look at the climate of the 17th-18th-19th centuries) and a 500-year mid-Holocene (6000 years before present) simulation. Both coupled simulations will be run at T31,x3 resolution. The CCM PMIP simulations for 6 kbp and 21 kbp also need to be repeated with CCM3.5. Both T31 and T42 versions of these simulations are desirable. The Paleoclimate Working Group requests CSL computer time to start these simulations.

2) Optimization of the low-resolution CSM (T31, x3) on the SGI Origin should be a high priority.

3) More uniform scripts and makefiles for the CSM component models need to be developed.

4) A version of CCM without semi-Lagrangian dynamics needs to be maintained and updated for low-resolution simulations by the paleoclimate community.

5) The development of simplified land-surface submodels appropriate for paleo simulations, when detailed vegetation and soil characteristics cannot be determined, should be encouraged.

6) Two-way interaction between the NCAR Paleoclimate Program and university users, both in model analyses and model development, is desirable.

7) Five subworking groups (discussion leaders noted) were formed at the meeting:

Discussion leaders for each group reported to the main meeting and will draft reports to be included on the Paleoclimate Working Group Web Page. Each subworking group will have a link on this web page, which will include progress reports and a discussion forum. A sixth subworking group, Analysis Tools, has been proposed but is not yet formalized.

8) The Paleoclimate Working Group will meet twice each year, at the annual CSM Workshop during the summer and separately during the winter. The latter, being smaller in size and lasting 1-2 days, is desirable for science and computational coordination and planning.

Appendix A


Tuesday, 17 February 1998
8:00-9:00Continental Breakfast and Registration
9:00-9:05Welcome (Kutzbach/Otto-Bliesner)
9:05-9:15Remarks on CCM3 (Kiehl)
9:15-10:00Ongoing CSM development and analysis activities (Otto-Bliesner)
10:30-11:00Update on input to ocean/sea ice models (Brady)
11:00-11:30Update on input to atmosphere/land models (Otto-Bliesner)
11:30-12:00Output analysis tools for CSM (Shea)
1:30-1:45 Charge to sub groups
1:45-4:45 Breakout Sessions (we will split sub groups into 2 sessions to allow everyone to participate in two)
  • Climate of the 17th-18th-19th Centuries Sub Group
  • PMIP Sub Group
  • Abrupt Change Sub Group
  • Warm Climates of the last 100 my Sub Group
  • Ocean Spinup Sub Group
  • others??
4:45-5:45Subgroup reports and plenary discussion
Wednesday, 18 February 1998
8:00-8:40Continental Breakfast
8:40-9:00COLA model and CSM comparisons (Bhatt)
9:00-9:20Vegetation (Doherty)
9:20-9:40Dust (Zender)
9:40-10:00Ocean biogeochemistry (Large)
10:00-10:20Regional modeling (Thompson)
10:45-12:00Open discussion and wrapup

Appendix B

Participants in Paleoclimate Working Group Session


Caspar Amman

University of Massachusetts

Pat Bartlein

University of Oregon

Uma Bhatt

Center for Ocena-Land_atmosphere Studies

Steve Baum

Texas A&M

Maurice Blackmon


Esther Brady


Robert DeConto

University of Colorado

Ruth Doherty

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Peter Fawcett

University of New Mexico

Bob Gallimore

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sandy Harrison

Lund University

Jeff Kiehl


Karen Kohfeld

Lund University

John Kutzbach

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Bill Large


Gif Miller

University of Colorado

Giang Nong

Penn State University

Bob Oglesby


Bette Otto-Bliesner


Dick Peltier

University of Toronto

Bill Peterson

Pennsylvania State University

Alex Robertson

University of Colorado

Dennis Shea


Christine Shields


Lisa Sloan

University of California at Santa Cruz

Karl Taylor

Lawrence Livermore National Labs

Starley Thompson


Steve Vavrus

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Guido Vettoretti

University of Toronto

Charlie Zender