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Report of the CSM Paleoclimate Working Group Meeting

19 and 20 January 1999 at NCAR

by Bette Otto-Bliesner, Co-chair



Presentations given at the meeting:

1. Low Resolution Paleo Coupled Runs (Bette Otto-Bliesner, NCAR)

2. Tropical Pacific and Atlantic Variability in the Latest x3' Ocean (Esther Brady, NCAR)

3. Towards Improving ENSO and Tropical Annual Cycle Simulation in the CSM (Ed Schneider, COLA)

4. Paleo-tracers in the CSM (Rob DeConto, NCAR and UMass)

5. ENSO and NAO Variability at Present and 6 ka in the CSM (Bette Otto-Bliesner, NCAR)

6. Climate Forcing Time Series for the Last 400 Years (Caspar Ammann, UMass)

7. EBM Sensitivity to the Climate Forcing of the Last 400 Years (Steve Baum, Texas A&M)



1. Access of simulation files

2. Protocol for analyses of simulations

3. Future community simulations

4. Model improvements of priority to paleo community - river runoff, updated sea ice model, ocean bottom boundary layer parameterization

Participant List:
Bette Otto-Bliesner
Jeff Kiehl
Samuel Levis
Bill Peterson
Jim Hack
Caspar Ammann
Christine Shields
Karen Bice
Steve Baum
Andrew Gaca
Brooke Olson
Ed Schneider
Larry Solheim
Pat Behling
Steve Vavrus
Maurice Blackmon