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Report of the CSM Ocean Model Working Group Meeting

19 and 20 January 1999 at NCAR

by Michael Spall and Peter Gent, Co-chairs



Presentations given at the meeting were:

1. Latest x2' Ocean Alone Results (Bill Large, NCAR)

2. Development of the EBBL Code in POP (Tony Song, JPL)

3. Multicentury Simulations using POP, and Comparison with MOM Results (Jose Milovich, LLNL)

4. NCOM Model - Data Comparison (North Atlantic) (Michael Spall, Woods Hole)

5. NCOM/POP Sector Ocean Comparison (Matthew Hecht, NCAR)

6. Some Improvements to POP ( John Dukowicz, LANL)

7. Redesign/Rewrite of the POP Code (Phil Jones, LANL)

8. What Remains to be Done to POP (Rick Smith, LANL)


Most of the time was spent discussing development of the POP code. The following have now been implemented:

1. improved user interface

2. performance enhancement

3. GM and KPP

4. Matsuno timestep


Goals for the June 1999 CSM Workshop on POP code development:

1. Sector models using POP and NCOM run to equilibrium

2. POP ocean only x3' to equilibrium

3. First draft of POP user's manual


Medium-range (end of 1999) goals on POP code development:

1. BBL/variable bottom cells

2. Coupler interface

3. Anisotropic viscosity

4. River runoff

5. Sea-ice coupling

6. Biogeochemical modeling

7. netCDF output option

Participant List:
Peter Gent
Michael Spall
Frank Bryan
Ralph Milliff
Rick Smith
Matthew Maltrud
Nancy Norton
Phil Jones
Rainer Bleck
Bruce Briegleb
Phil Duffy
Lin Peters
Jose Milovich
David Bailey
Gokhan Danabasoglu
Keith Lindsay 
Tony Song
Stephen Yeager
Rob DeConto
Bill Hibler
Jim McWilliams 
John Dukowicz
Ilana Wainer
Maurice Blackmon