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CSM Ocean Model Working Group


Tuesday, 23 June 1998

Aspen/Bighorn Rooms, The Village at Breckenridge

Tuesday, 23 June 1998
8:30am - 3:00pm

8:30am Subduction and Double-Diffusion Runs using NCOM Mike Spall, WHOI
9:00am Runs using NCOM at JPL Yi Chao, JPL
9:30am Development of a Global, Upper-ocean Model Jim McWilliams, NCAR
10:00am Break
10:30am Bottom Boundary Layer Matthew Hecht, NCAR
10:50am Fresh Water Boundary Condition Bill Large, NCAR
11:10am Mediterranean Outflow Model Esther Brady, NCAR
11:30am Discussion of Future CSM Ocean and Sea-ice Models and
POP Code for the Ocean and Elasto-viscous Plastic
Sea-ice Code
Frank Bryan, NCAR
12:00am Lunch
1:30pm -
Talks on What Is Being Done by Other Modeling Groups
Coupled Modeling at LANL using the POP Code (Bob Malone, LANL)
Coupled Modeling at CSU using the POP Code (Todd Ringler, CSU)
Coupled Modeling at NCAR using the POP Code (Bert Semtner, NPS)
Coupled Modeling at LLNL using the MOM Code (Phil Duffy, LLNL)
Coupled Modeling at RSMAS using the MICOM Code (Wei Cheng, RSMAS)
3:00 Adjourn