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CCSM3 20C3M (b30.030)

DescriptionCCSM3 climate of the 20th Century run, 130 years (1870-01 -> 1999-12), fully coupled.
Model Versionccsm3_0_beta19
Variables SavedDefault
Experiment Description b30.030a: branched from b30.020 0360
b30.030b: branched from b30.020 0380
b30.030c: branched from b30.020 0400
b30.030d: branched from b30.020 0420
b30.030e: branched from b30.020 0440 (high freqency data available)
b30.030h: branched from b30.020 0470 (only run with correct daily trefhtmn & trefhtmx)
b30.030b.ES01: branched from b30.020.ES01 0380
b30.030f.ES01: branched from b30.020.ES01 0410
b30.030g.ES01: branched from b30.020.ES01 0460
b30.030h.ES01: branched from b30.020.ES01 0540
Mass Store Path/CCSM/csm/b30.030[a,c,e] ; /CCSM/csm/b30.030[b,f,g,h].ES01 ; ORNL:~buja/mss/CCSM/csm/b30.030[b,d,h]
Postprocessed Data Locationmass store (atm): /CCSM/csm/b30.030a/atm/proc/tseries/monthly
mass store (atm): /CCSM/csm/b30.030b/atm/proc/tseries/monthly
mass store (atm): /CCSM/csm/b30.030c/atm/proc/tseries/monthly
mass store (atm): /CCSM/csm/b30.030d/atm/proc/tseries/monthly
mass store (atm): /CCSM/csm/b30.030e/atm/proc/tseries/monthly
mass store (atm): /CCSM/csm/b30.030b.ES01/atm/proc/tseries/monthly
mass store (atm): /CCSM/csm/b30.030d.ES01/atm/proc/tseries/monthly
mass store (atm): /CCSM/csm/b30.030f.ES01/atm/proc/tseries/monthly
mass store (atm): /CCSM/csm/b30.030g.ES01/atm/proc/tseries/monthly
mass store (atm): /CCSM/csm/b30.030h.ES01/atm/proc/tseries/monthly
mass store (atm): ORNL:~wgstrand/CCSM/csm/b30.030h/atm/ipcc/tseries/monthly
mass store (ocn): *******
local (atm): on CGD machines mineral: /datalocal/ccpb/CCSM/csm/b30.030*/atm/data/tser
local (ocn): ***********
Postprocessed Data Description(atm) Monthly data only. One variable per file, 130 years per file. All atmospheric variables are located on the mass store (years 1870-1999), the following atmospheric variables are located at the local path (years 1870-1999): TREFHT, PSL, TS, PRECC, PRECL.
(ocn) ***************
Notes Results from Mark Stevens Diagnostic Package can be found here