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CCSM3 T85 Pre-Industrial Control Run (b30.020)

DescriptionT85 CCSM3 Pre-Industrial Control run, 230 years (0280-01 -> 0509-12), fully coupled.
Model Versionccsm3_0_beta12
Experiment Description branched from b30.017 0280, stabilized at 360
Variables SavedDefault
Mass Store Path/CCSM/csm/b30.020
Postprocessed Data Locationmass store (atm): /CCSM/csm/b30.020/atm/proc/tseries/monthly
mass store (ocn): *****
local (atm): on CGD machine mineral: /datalocal/ccpb/CCSM/csm/b30.020/atm/data/tser
Postprocessed Data Description(atm) Monthly data only. One variable per file, twenty years per file. Done for all model-generated atmospheric variables for years 0360-0489 (mass store)/ 0370-0469 (local). All atmospheric variables are located on the mass store, the following atmospheric variables are located at the local path: : TREFHT, PRECC, PRECL, PSL.
(ocn, local) *****
(ocn, mass store) *****
NotesThis is the T85 CCSM3 pre-industrial control run that many of the 20C3M runs were branched from.
Data from this run forms PIcntrl Run1 for the IPCC data archive at PCMDI
See also b30.020.ES01 and b30.020.ES02
Results from Mark Stevens Diagnostic Package can be found here