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CCSM Climate Change and Assessment Working Group Meeting

Wednesday, 27 June 2001, 11:00 am - 3:30 pm
Ten Mile Room, The Village at Breckenridge


Warren Washington, Karl Taylor, and Jerry Meehl, co-chairs


Pre-lunch session chair: Jerry Meehl


11:00 am

Overview of CCA Working Group Activities

Warren Washington

11:20 am

Simulations of 21st and 22nd Century Climate

Aiguo Dai

11:40 am

Changes in Extreme Precipitation Events in PCM

Michael Wehner




Post-lunch session chair: Karl Taylor


1:00 pm

ARCAS (ACACIA Regional Climate-data Access System) - a Web Access System for Climate Model Data Access, Visualization and Comparison

Chuck Hakkarinen

1:20 pm

Vertical Coherence of Atmospheric Temperature in Models and Observations

Krishna M. AchutaRao

1:40 pm

Projected Future Changes in Asian-Australian Monsoon Climate

Jerry Meehl

2:00 pm

The Arctic Oscillation and Future Climate

Julie Arblaster

2:20 pm

Polar Climate Change and Recent Observations

John Weatherly

2:40 pm

Estimates of Future External Forcing from the Sun and Explosive Volcanism (This will be a brief presentation of future plans.)

Caspar Ammann and Hee-Seok Oh

2:50 pm

Further Discussion of Future Plans


3:30 pm