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Brief Summary of 18 April 2000 Meeting of the

CCSM Climate Change and Assessment Working Group


A brief report was given on the status of CCSM and PCM climate change simulations. It was estimated that the ensemble of PCM climate change simulations would be completed over the next four months or so. An ensemble of 10 historical, 5 BAU, and 5 stabilization simulations is probably adequate.

K. Taylor pointed out that getting a measure of the standard deviation is the important thing to compare the signal against.

The key forcing that is missing is volcanic activity. It does not look like we can include this factor until the fall.

The bulk of the archive of PCM data will be stored at PCMDI and the CCSM data at NCAR with internet links between the two sites. K. Taylor will look into providing more information about the simulation data at the PCMDI site and similarly more information will be provided at NCAR. CGD will be adding to its disk space, which will allow for more "processed" data that is likely to be used in analysis to be stored locally. It was agreed that the data would be open; however, we expect to get some statement from users of the data when they get their passwords from NERSC. Hopefully, we can avoid too much overlap.

Dai and Wigley agreed to put together a short strategy for using the data. Meehl will be involved in the data use planning. I was pleased with the planning meeting.

Most of you will be coming to the CCSM workshop, and I will ask Lydia Harper to schedule a formal meeting of the working group.