Commit experiments

CCSM case names:
b30.036a b30.036b b30.036c b30.036d b30.036e (years 2000-2099)
b30.036b.ES01 b30.036f.ES01 b30.036g.ES01 (years 2000-2049)


Most forcings held fixed at 20C3M year 2000 values:

CO2 CH4 N2O CFC-11 CFC-12 Solar forcing Volcanic forcing Aerosol scaling
367.82 ppm 1806.725 ppb 315.56 ppb 267.94 ppt 533.62 ppt 1367 W m-2 none 1.0

Sulfates and ozone cycled over the 12 months of year 2000 values.

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Sulfate emissions Ozone concentration