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CCSM CVWG Experiments: CCSM3 T42 Control Run (b30.004)

Description T42 CCSM3 Control run, 1000 years (0000-01 -> 1001-06), fully coupled.
Model Version ccsm3_0_beta09
Variables Saved Default
Mass Store Paths /CCSM/csm/b30.004
Postprocessed Data Location mass store (atm): /CCSM/csm/b30.004/atm/proc/tseries/monthly
mass store (ocn): /CCSM/csm/b30.004/ocn/proc
local (atm): on CISL machines gale/bluefire: /ccsm/cvar/b30.004/atm/hist_timeseries
local (ocn): on CISL machines gale/bluefire: /ccsm/data/b30.004/ocn/proc/tseries
Postprocessed Data Description (atm) Monthly data only. One variable per file, 100 years per file. All atmospheric variables are located on the mass store (years 0100-0999), the following atmospheric variables are located at the local path (years 0001-0899): CLDLOW, FLNS, FSNS, LHFLX, PRECC, PRECL PSL, SHFLX, T, TS, T_BOT, U, U_BOT, V, V_BOT, Z3.

(ocn) Monthly data only. One variable per file, fifty years per file. 3D variables are saved as annual averages, 2D variables are kept as monthy averages. Done for all model-generated oceanic variables for years 0100-0999 (mass store) and 0600-0999 (local).
Notes This is the commonly used T42 CCSM3 control run cited in many of the papers written for the upcoming CCSM3 Journal of Climate special issue.

Results from Mark Stevens Diagnostic Package can be found here.