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CCSM CVWG Experiments: CAM3 T85 RADATM Ensemble

Description 5 member ensemble forced by climatological SSTs and time-varying (1950-2000) volcanic, greenhouse gas, aerosol and solar forcings used in the CCSM3 "Climate of the 20th century" integrations. Note: These runs have been extended through 2008. See the CAM3-extensions page here.
Model Version cam2_0_2_dev70
Variables Saved Monthly: Defaults + TMQ, + ISCCP variables

Daily (all averages, except where noted): U200, V200, U850, V850, T850, T500, T300, T200, Z1000, Z700, Z500, Z300, FLNS, FSNS, FLNT, LHFLX, SHFLX, QFLX, OMEGA850, OMEGA500, TAUX, TAUY, TS, PSL, TREFHT, PRECT, TREFHTMN (min), TREFHTMX (max), TSMN (min), TSMX (max), TMQ
Mass Store Paths /JMA/csm/eul128x256_d70sstcl_iforc_01
Postprocessed Data Location --
Postprocessed Data Description --
Notes These sets of runs are referred to as the CAM3 T85 RADATM runs. These runs used climatological SSTs along with time-varying IPCC forcings from 1950-2000. (IPCC forcings include volcanic, greenhouse gases, aerosols, and solar external forcings.)

Note: These experiments were run with cam version 2.0.2dev70 (=CAM3.0).

atmospheric history file nomenclature: "h0" in the file name (ex. denotes monthly data, "h1" denotes daily data.