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CCSM CVWG Experiments: CAM3 T42 Control Run

Description T42 control run forced by observed SST (climatological seasonal cycle). 200 years (0000-01 -> 0200-02).
Model Version cam2_0_2_dev70
Variables Saved Monthly: Defaults + TMQ, + ISCCP variables

Daily (all averages, except where noted): U200, V200, U850, V850, T850, T500, T300, Z1000, Z700, Z500, Z300, FLNS, FSNS, FLNT, LHFLX, SHFLX, QFLX, OMEGA850, OMEGA500, TAUX, TAUY, TS, PSL, TREFHT, PRECT, TREFHTMN (min), TREFHTMX (max), TSMN (min), TSMX (max), TMQ

4X Daily (:A=average, :I=instantaneous): FLUT:A, OMEGA500:A, PRECT:A, U200:A, U850:A, Z500:A, PSL:I, Z700:I, Z300:I, TS:I

2X Daily (all instantaneous): OMEGA, PS, Q, T, U, V, Z3
Mass Store Paths /ASPHILLI/csm/sstclimt42_run01
Postprocessed Data Location mass store (atm): /ASPHILLI/csm/sstclimt42_run01/atm/hist/tmser
Postprocessed Data Description Monthly atmospheric data only. One variable per file, 200 years per file. The following variables are available: CLDLOW, FLNS, FSNS, LHFLX, OMEGA, PRECC, PRECL, PS, PSL, SHFLX, T, TAUX, TAUY, TREFHT, TS, U, UBOT, V, VBOT, Z3.
Notes Namelist is available on CISL machines gale/bluefire: /cgd/cas/asphilli/cam3_runs/control/sstclimt42_run01/namelist

The first month of data (January Year 0) should be discarded, as September initial conditions were incorrectly used instead of January initial conditions. The model stabilizes by Feburary Year 0.

In the mass store data transfer process some 2X daily files (h3) were incompletely written to the mass store, resulting in files that fully or partially contain 0's. The files are not recoverable. The following files are known to have this problem:
The parts of these files that are not filled with 0's can be used.

atmospheric history file nomenclature: "h0" in the file name (ex. denotes monthly data, "h1" denotes daily data, "h2" denotes 4X daily data, "h3" denotes 2X daily data.