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CCSM CVWG Experiments: CAM3 T42 ARCOGA Ensemble

Description 5 member ensemble forced by climatological SSTs (90S-40N) and time-varying SST/Ice (40N-90N) where the ice coverage data exceeds 10% of the absolute difference between monthly and climatological values, with no radiative forcing; otherwise, climatological values are used. January 1979-December 2009.
Model Version cam2_0_2_dev70
Variables Saved Monthly: Defaults + TMQ

Daily (all averages, except where noted): FLNS, FSNS, FLNT, LHFLX, OMEGA850, OMEGA500, PRECT, PSL, QFLX, SHFLX, T300, T500, T850, TAUX, TAUY, TMQ, TREFHT, TREFHTMN (min), TREFHTMX (max), TS, TSMN (min), TSMX (max), U200, V200, U850, V850,Z1000, Z700, Z500, Z300

4x Daily (all averages, except where noted): FLUT, OMEGA500, PRECT, PSL, TS, U200, U850, Z300, Z500, Z700.
Mass Store Paths /TOMAS/csm/eul64x128_d70vamip_arcsst_01
Postprocessed Data Location --
Postprocessed Data Description --
Notes These sets of runs are referred to as the CAM3 T42 ARCOGA runs. These experiments only specify time-varying SST/Ice for the cell/cells (north of 40N) which at some point in the whole time domain had some ice present. If ice was never present in the whole time domain at a particular grid cell, climatological SST would have been specified. The motivation of the experiment design was to test the impact of changes in ice and their associated changes in SST.

Note: These experiments were run with cam version 2.0.2dev70 (=CAM3.0).

atmospheric history file nomenclature: "h0" in the file name (ex. denotes monthly data, "h1" denotes daily data, and "h2" denotes hourly data.