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Report on CCSM Biogeochemistry Working Group Meeting

Seventh Annual CCSM Workshop, The Village at Breckenridge

Co-Chairs: Inez Fung and Scott Doney

27 June 2002

The CCSM Biogeochemistry Working Group met for about half a day at the annual CCSM meeting. The meeting was divided among presentations on the current status of the CCSM-1 carbon-climate experiments ("Flying-Leap-0"), progress on development of the biogeochemical modules for the CCSM-2 component models, entrepreneurial research projects, and general discussion.

CCSM-1 Carbon-climate "Flying Leap-0" (Doney)

Marine Eco-biogeochemistry for CCSM2 (Doney)

Terrestrial Biogeochemistry in CCSM-2 (Thornton)

Bonfils -

Ojima: Integrated Regional Carbon (IRC) Project - grid-cohort system model coupling

May Ver/Fred Mackenzie group: Modeling C-N-P BGC in coastal margin

Pamela Martin/David Archer: Carbon cycling on the seafloor: Muds Sediment Model in POP

Doney - Group CCSM2-carbon model

Natalie Mahowald: CSM Flying Leap1 - moore/zender/thornton/levis/et al

Beth Holland: bioatm - reactive C-N cycle, including trop chemistry and BGC

Peter Hess, J-F Lamarque, Louisa Emmons, XX Tie, Holland, McKenna

Dave Schimel, Scott Doney, Linda Mearns, Inez Fung, Tony Janetos Leap2.0 and beyond

Doney - wrap-up

Participant List

David Baker
Ian Baker
Adriana Beltran
Gordon Bonan
Celine Bonfils
Francis Bretherton
Shaoping Chu
William Collins
Alan Condron
Andrew Conley
Scott Denning
Scott Doney
David Fillmore
Inez Fung
Kevin Gurney
Andrea Hahmann
Matthew Hecht
Peter Hess
Forrest Hoffman
Elisabeth Holland
Tkashi Ishii
Jasmin John
Fortunat Joos
John Kleist
Joanie Kleypas
Zavareh Kothavala
Jean-Francois Lamarque
Samuel Levis
Keith Lindsay
Brett Longworth
Lixin Lu
Natalie Mahowald
Pamela Martin
Rebecca McKeown
Guo-Yue Niu
Dennis Ojima
Elisabetta Pierazzo
Philip Rasch
Nan Rosenbloom
Kevin Schaefer
Dave Schimel
Lisa Sloan
Pamela Stephens
John Taylor
Starley Thompson
Peter Thornton
Daisuke Tsumune
Leah May Ver
Mariana Vertenstein
Guiling Wang
Youlong Xia
Woo-Sun Yang
Hongbin Yu
Charles Zender
Xubin Zeng