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CSM Biogeochemistry Working Group Report

Scott Doney and Inez Fung, Co-Chairs

23 June 1998

The Village at Breckenridge


The CSM Biogeochemistry (BGC) Working Group met on Tuesday afternoon, 23 June 1998, for approximately two hours with three tasks:

1. Update everyone on the current (but fragmented) state of biogeochemical modeling at NCAR.

2. Reach agreement on the first set of scientific goals within CSM (coupled carbon, nitrogen and oxygen simulations, "natural steady-state" and anthropogenic perturbations for the 19th and 20th Century projects).

3. Define a rough timetable and assignments to reach a coupled biogeochemical simulation. What additional resources are needed?

The group agreed on the following basic points:

1. The need for a CSM BGC Working Group was endorsed by both the people present at the meeting and the CSM Scientific Steering Committee.

2. The need to carry out both forward prognostic calculations and diagnostic/inverse calculations was recognized.

3. The CSM BGC Working Group should be expanded to broadly include biogeochemical tracers (such as O-18 and deutrium in water), which are most useful as diagnostics for the skill of the atmosphere, ocean, and land physical simulations.

4. Several people noted that the CSM BGC Working Group should focus on the coupled modeling and the future carbon dioxide projection problems, but others pointed out that we need to include a variety of approaches and timescales if we are to develop and validate models of sufficient skill.

5. A strawman proposal was put forward for a coupled carbon cycle model calculation over the next year using existing components at NCAR. A CSM BGC Working Group meeting was tentatively planned for the day after the carbon meeting in August (17th and 18th) to refine the plan.

6. The nominal CSM BGC Working Group computer allocation is 5000 equivalent C90 single processor hours over the next year (essentially July through June, 1999).

7. Funds have been made available for two, half-time support positions for ocean and land biogeochemistry projects, and the ocean position has been filled by Keith Lindsay, who will be relocating to NCAR in August.

8. A number of people were suggested as potential additional members of the BGC Working Group: Martin Heimann, Natalie Mahowald, Scott Denning, Jim Randerson, Chris Field, Lori Bruhwiler, Pieter Tans, Ray Najjar, Fei Chai, Jon Foley, Rob DeConto, and Rik Wanninkhof.

9. On the land modeling side, it was suggested that we invite representatives from both the IBIS and CASA modeling groups to the August meeting. Discussions were also opened with the CSM Land Working Group to make sure that the appropriate hooks are left in the common land model currently under development.

No agenda was prepared for this meeting.