CCSM Joint Land Model Working Group and

Biogeochemistry Working Group Meetings

20 - 22 February 2008

Damon Room, NCAR Mesa Lab



Wednesday, 20 February, Land Model Working Group



8:30       Continental breakfast

9:00       Dave Lawrence (NCAR)                          Welcome and Introduction



09:10     Gopi Goteti (UC Irvine)                            Catchment hydrology

09:25     Keith Oleson (NCAR)                              Soil moisture variability

09:45     Xubin Zeng (U. Arizona)                           Hydrology work at U. Arizona

10:10     Discussion                                               

10:30     Break



11:10     Liang Yang (U. Texas, Austin)                  SCF, snow assimilation

11:30     Sean Swenson (NCAR)                           Snow patches

11:50     Dave Lawrence (NCAR)                          Community Snow project

12:10     Discussion

12:30     Lunch


Other modeling development activities and applications

13:30     Mariana Vertenstein (NCAR)                   CCSM/CLM software engineering

13:45     Dave Gochis (NCAR)                              Fine mesh, high resolution experiments, discussion

14:15     Ian Baker (CSU)                                      Soils, roots, water stress in Amazon

14:30     Ren Diandong (U. Oklahoma)                   Land ice

14:45     Dave Lawrence (NCAR)                          Permafrost

15:00     Break


15:30     Jiangfeng Wei (COLA)                             Coupling CLM with other models


CLM4 Update

16:00     Liang Yang (U. Texas, Austin)                  Robust validation

16:15     Dave Lawrence (NCAR)                          CLM4 progress

16:30     Discussion

17:00     Adjourn


Thursday, 21 February, Joint Land and Biogeochemistry Working Group


8:30     Continental breakfast


Carbon Cycle – DGVM

09:00     Sam Levis (NCAR)                                  DGVM-CN update, shrubs

09:15     Xubin Zeng (U. Arizona)                           DGVM shrubs

09:30     Paul Moorcroft (Harvard)                         ED model

10:00     Discussion

10:30     Break


Land use / scenarios

11:00     Peter Lawrence (CIRES/CU)                     Talk

11:15     Gordon Bonan (NCAR)

11:30     Abby Swann (UC Berkeley)                      Talk

11:45     Johann Feddema (U. Kansas)                   AR5 land cover change scenarios

12:00     Discussion

12:30     Lunch


Towards Earth System Modeling

14:00     Beth Holland (NCAR)                              Nitrogen cycles

14:20     Atul Jain (U. Illinois, Urbana)                    Land Suitability for cultivation

14:40     Kathy Hibbard (NCAR)                           Modeling ecosystems across scales, MIP

15:00     Break


Earth System Modeling (5-10 year plan)

15:30     Dave Lawrence, Gordon Bonan, Dave Gochis – discussion leaders

17:00     Adjourn



Friday, 22 February, Biogeochemistry Working Group


08:30     Continental breakfast


CLAMP – Review of metrics, diagnostics, and science

09:00     Forrest Hoffman                                       CLAMP simulations and diagnostics

09:15     Peter Thornton                                         CLAMP science, model development

09:30     Peter Thornton                                         CLM-CN update, CLAMP analysis

09:45     Discussion                                                Model spinup, CLAMPII

10:30     Break



11:00     Keith Lindsay (NCAR)                             CCSM3.5 carbon cycle update

11:30     Natalie Mahowald (Cornell)                       Talk

11:45     Silvia Kloster (Cornell)                             Ocean BGC/climate interactions through DMS

12:00     Keith Moore (UC, Irvine)                         Soluble iron inputs and ocean BGC in CCSM3

12:15     Scott Doney (WHOI)                               Talk

12:30     Britt Stephens (NCAR)                            HIPPO

12:45     Lunch


13:30     Discussion                                                BGC needs for CCSM

14:30     Adjourn