Updated 1/26/2015: UNICON provides two sets of simulations: set1 and set2.

Difference between 'Set 1' and 'Set 2' is the tuning of couple of  parameters within uncertain range.

Set 2 are available in the table below. Set 1 is available here.

ID Case Description Diagnostics Details/Comments
CAM standalone with climatological SSTs
w/ obs
w/ cam5.3 (5-year run)
CAM standalone with climatological SSTs
+ preindustrial aerosol
w/ f2000_unicon  

AMIP run
+ COSP simulator

w/ obs
w/ cam5.3

w/ cam5.3 + cosp

AMWG variability
CVPD package

NB: The cam5.3
didn't include COSP simulator.
At the panel's request,
we ran a 10-year simulation
with COSP turned on.

UNICON uses a kludge to run COSP. The variables CVCLIQ_COSP, CVCICE_COSP, RAIN_CV_COSP, SNOW_CV_COSP should be discarded.

Coupled run with changes to reduce
ENSO amplitude and increase sea-ice

Hybrid run started from large-ensemble at year 402

Atm timeseries
w/ obs
CVPD package
Lnd w/ LENS and obs
Ocn timeseries
w/ obs
Ice w/ LENS


e1850_unicon_1xco2 Slab Ocean Model + 1xCO2
timeseries (**)
w/ b1850_unicon  (**)
Plots are restricted
to set1 and set5.
e1850_unicon_2xco2 Slab Ocean Model + 2xCO2 timeseries (**)
w/ e1850_1xco2  (**)
Plots are restricted
to set1 and set5.

** in progress


Description of the code base and difference with CAM trunk

The UNICON simulations used code branched from cam5_3_23.
The description of the code is available on the UNICON tag description.

This document includes:


UNICON timings are available at Timing table