CCSM Working Group Meetings:

Chemistry-Climate, Atmosphere Model with Joint Sessions

11-14 February 2008

(with a special ET CAM session on 15 February)

NCAR Mesa Lab

Chemistry-Climate Working Group:

11 February, 1:30-5 (Damon Room), and

12 February, 9-12 (Main Seminar Room)

Joint Chemistry-Climate and Atmosphere Model Working Group:

12 February, 1:00-5:30 (Main Seminar Room), and

13 February, 9-5 (Main Seminar Room)

Atmosphere Model Working Group:

14 February, 9-5 (Main Seminar Room)

Special Session on ET CAM (not webcast)

15 February, 9-12 (Chapman Room)


Chemistry-Climate Working Group Meeting

11 February (Damon Room)


1:30-1:45: Peter Hess - Welcome and Introductory Remarks

1:45-2:15: Jean-Francois Lamarque, Francis Vitt, Andrew Conley - What's New in CAM-Chem?

2:15-2:30: Peter Hess - What Were We Supposed to Have Done?

2:30-2:40: Claire Granier - Update on Emissions

2:40-2:50: Don Wuebbles - Halogen Chemistry at University of Illinois

2:50-3:10: Doug Kinnison - Halogen Chemistry at NCAR

3:10-3:30: Break

3:30-5:00: IPCC and Other Community Simulations:

            1. Michael Prather, Jean-Francois Lamarque - IPCC AR-5

            2. Peter Hess - HTAP

            3. Andrew Gettelman - AEROCOM

            4. Doug Kinnison - CCMval

            5. Discussion


Chemistry-Climate Working Group Meeting

12 February (Main Seminar Room)


8:30-9:00: Coffee

9:00-9:15: Colette Heald - Secondary Organic Aerosols and Biogenic Emissions

9:15-9:30: Mark Flanner - Recent Snow/Soot Results

9:30-9:45: Jessica Neu - Wet Scavenging

9:45-10:05: Phillip Cameron-Smith, Scott Elliott - Interactive Ozone & DMS Experiments

10:05-10:20: Jean-Francois Lamarque - Stratosphere-Troposphere CAM-Chem

10:20-10:35: Louisa Emmons - MIRAGE Simulations

10:35-11:00: Break

11:00-12:00: Discussion, adjourn for lunch


Joint Working Group Meeting: Chemistry-Climate and Atmosphere Model

12 February (Main Seminar Room)


Update and Progress of CAM Development Research


1:00-1:30: Phil Rasch - Welcome & Introductory Remarks

1:30-2:00: Rich Neale - Coupled Model Simulations

2:00-2:20: Mariana Vertenstein - CPL7, “Stand-alone CAM” and CCSM4

2:20-2:40: Pat Worley - An Overview of the New CAM Benchmark Results

2:40-3:00: Art Mirin, Pat Worley - Recent Improvements to the Scalability of the Community Atmosphere Model

3:00-3:30: Break


Aerosol and Clouds Relevant to CAM4


3:30-3:50: Xiaohong Liu, et al. - Modal Aerosol Treatment in CAM: Evaluation and Indirect Effect

3:50-4:10: Andrew Gettelman, Xiaohong Liu, Hugh Morrison - Developing Advanced Ice Microphysics in CAM

4:10-4:30: Andrew Gettelman, Hugh Morrison - Update on the Two-Moment Stratiform Cloud Microphysics Scheme

4:30-5:30: Discussion

5:30-7:00: Adjourn to Mesa Lab's Cafeteria for light reception


Joint Working Group Meeting: Chemistry-Climate and Atmosphere Model

13 February (Main Seminar Room)


8:30-9:00: Coffee


Aerosol and Clouds: Applications I


9:00-9:15: Guillame Mauger, Joel Norris - Stratocumulus Sensitivity to Aerosols and Dynamics: Evaluating Aerosol-Cloud Parameterizations

9:15-9:30: Andrew Gettleman, Peter Hess - Indirect Aerosol Effects with New Microphysics and Aerosols in CAM

9:30-9:45: Lin Su, Brian Toon - Modeling the Emission, Transport, and Optical Properties of Asian Dust Storms Using Coupled CAM/CARMA Dust Model

9:45-10:00: Tianyi Fan, Brian Toon - Representing Sea Salt Aerosol in CAM Coupled with a Two-Moment, Sectional Aerosol Model

10:00-10:15: Mark Flanner - CAM-Predicted AOD in Regions Influenced by Biomass Burning

10:15-10:45: Break


Aerosols and Clouds: Applications II


10:45-11:00: Øvind Seland, Trond Iverson, Alf Kirkevåg, Trude Storelvmo - Aerosol-Climate Interactions in the CAM-Oslo Atmospheric GCM and Investigation of Associated Basic Shortcomings

11:00-11:15: M.K. Dubey, et al. - Coupled Climate Model Simulations to Bracket the Impacts of Increasing Asian Aerosol Emissions and Aggressive Future Clean Air Policies

11:15-11:30: Minghuai Wang - Aerosol Indirect Forcing for Warm Cloud in the Coupled CAM-IMPACT Climate Aerosol Model




11:30-11:50: Michael Iacono - Recent Results with RRTM

11:50-12:15: Bill Collins (leads discussion) - Radiative Transfer Open Issues

12:15-1:30: Lunch




1:30-1:50: Marat Khairoutdinov, Dave Randall, William Collins - The Climate of the Super-Parameterized CAM: Results from AMIP Simulations

1:50-2:10: Charlotte DeMott - Implied Ocean Heat Transports and Surface Wind Stress in the Standard and Superparameterized CAM

2:10-2:30: Break

2:30-2:50: Sungsu Park, Chris Bretherton - Current Status of University of Washington PBL and Shallow Convection Schemes

2:50-3:10: Jim Boyle, et al. - CAM3.5 Short-Range Forecasts for TWP-ICE

3:10-3:30: Guang Zhang - Observational Test of Convection Parameterization Assumptions

3:30-5:00: Discussion and adjourn


Atmosphere Model Working Group Meeting

14 February (Main Seminar Room)


8:30-9:00: Coffee


Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model (WACCM)


9:00-9:15: Jadwiga Richter, Andrew Gettelman - WACCM3 Community Release

9:15-9:30: Jadwiga Richter, Fabrizio Sassi, Rolando Garcia - Effects of Changes in Gravity Wave Parameterization on the Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere

9:30-9:45: Lucrezia Ricciardulli, Rolando Garcia - Equatorial Waves Excited by the Tiedtke Convective Scheme Studied with WACCM

9:45:-10:00: Natalia Calvo, Rolando Garcia - Mechanisms for the Acceleration of the Brewer-Dobson Circulation in a Climate Change Scenario

10:00-10:15 Fabrizio Sassi - The Climate Impact of Spectrally-Varying Solar Variability and QBO in CCSM/WACCM Simulations

10:15-10:45: Break


Presentations of General Interest


10:45-11:15: Curt Covey, Brian Toon - Extraterrestrial CAM Status Report

11:15-11:30: Mark Taylor, Jim Edwards - Experience with CAM/HOMME: CAM Aqua Planet Simulations Using a Cubed-Sphere Grid

11:30-11:45: Richard Grotjahn, Lin-lin Pan -Arctic Surface Biases in CAM3 Viewed as Forced Stationary Fields

11:45-12:00: Jeff Anderson, Kevin Raeder - Dart Activities and CAM FV Reanalysis

12:00-1:00: Lunch

1:00-1:15: Jennifer Kay, Andrew Gettelman - Using A-Train Observations to Evaluate Clouds in CAM

1:15-1:30: David Mitchell, et al. - Satellite Remote-Sensing of Small Ice Crystal Concentrations in Cirrus Clouds

1:30-1:45: Amy Braverman - Assessing the New AIRS L3Q Dataset for Water Vapor and Temperature: Comparisons to Models and Other Analysis Products


Updates by other Working Groups


1:45-2:05: Dave Lawrence - Update on Land Model WG activities

2:05-2:25 Marika Holland, Dave Bailey - Update on Ice Model WG Activities

2:25-2:45 Bill Large - Update on Ocean Model WG Activities

2:45-3:15: Break

3:15-4:30: Discussion on Configuration of CAM4

4:30-5:00: Phil Rasch, Leo Donner, Minghua Zhang - Programmatic issues, Wrap-up, Adjourn


Extra-Terrestrial CAM: Special Session

15 February (Chapman Room)


9:00-12:00 Reserved for the ET-CAM group