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Draft Convection Development Plan

Version 1.0 [19 June 2006]


Motivation Timeline Standards Objectives Simulation Requirements Process

1) Motivation for this document:

We strongly recommend that the developers contact the AMWG liaison (Richard Neale) to arrange for a design review of their parameterization. This will help identify any possible issues in its interaction with and integration into CAM before extensive development.

2) Timeline for the development of CCSM4:

CAM4 time schedules are controlled in part by the overall development of CCSM4 (which is still under discussion). Here is our best guess at the timeline.

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3) Standard Parameterization requirements:

a) Conservation: All convective (and other) parameterizations must conserve:

b) Numerical: All parameterizations must show:

c) Technical:

d) Documentation:

The new parameterization must be accompanied by a complete mathematical description of the equations and closure suitable for inclusion in the Technical Report describing CAM4. (eventually) it should appear in peer-reviewed literature describing the parameterization and its effects on the CAM and CCSM simulations.

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4) Scientific objectives:

The new convective parameterizations (deep and/or shallow) should have a sound theoretical basis and should help alleviate existing biases in CAM3/CCSM 3 related to convective parameterizations. Current model biases related to convective parameterizations in CAM3/CCMS3 are:

The resulting simulations will be evaluated using an overall list of metrics defined below. In addition the simulations will be evaluated using criteria specific to convective parameterizations.

a) Overall simulation metrics: This will be a part of the metrics document. It is likely they will include such items as:

The intent is not to require that the scheme 'succeed' in reproducing these quantites, but that the metrics for them be evaluated against other schemes.

b) Additional evaluation criteria for convective parameterizations:

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5) Simulation requirements:

New parameterizations must be evaluated against the defined CAM and CCSM control simulations and selected observations (metrics)

6) Selection process:

Candidate parameterizations will be evaluated first by the AMWG subject to objective criteria and tests described in this document.

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