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Draft AMWG Workshop Agenda - December 12-14, 2000

Main Seminar Room

NCAR Mesa Lab


Tuesday, 12 December


   8:00 am                 Coffee


   8:30 am                Welcome and update on model development activity (Hack/Randall)



 Presentations and Discussion of Candidate Configurations


   9:10 am                Vertical Diffusion of Dry Static Energy

                                                B. A. Boville


   9:30 am                Eulerian, 1-Digit Reduced Grid

                                                D. L. Williamson


   9:50 am                Longwave changes to H2O absorption

                                                W. Collins


  10:40 am                BREAK



  11:00 am                Semi-Lagrangian Dynamical Core

                                                D. L. Williamson


  11:50 am                Lunch



   1:00 pm                Finite-Volume Dynamical Core

                                                S. J. Lin


   1:50 pm                Zhang-McFarlane Cumulus Parameterization

                                Relaxed Arakawa-Schubert Cumulus Parameterization

                                                J. J. Hack


   2:30 pm                CSU Arakawa-Schubert Cumulus Parameterization

                                                M. Khairoutdinov



   3:30 pm                BREAK



   3:50 pm                Zhang-McFarlane Cumulus Parameterization - physical triggers

                                                P. J. Rasch


   4:20 pm                 Zhang-McFarlane Cumulus Parameterization - modified closure

                                                G. J. Zhang


   4:50 pm                 Progress on Boundary Layer Parameterization Work

                                                C. Bretherton


   5:10 pm                General Discussion of Candidate Configurations



   5:30 - 7:00   pm                 RECEPTION




Wednesday, 13 December


   8:30 am                 Coffee



 Diagnostic Analyses and Discussion of Candidate Configurations


   9:00 am                PCMDI Analyses of Candidate Configurations

                                                M. Wehner and K. Taylor


  10:30 am                 BREAK



  10:50 am                Intraseasonal Variability for the Candidate Configurations

                                                C. Demott


  11:20 am                Convective Variability for the Candidate Configurations: Diurnal through Intraseasonal

                                                L. Ricciarduli


  11:50 am                 LUNCH



   1:00 pm                Assessing Intraseasonal Oscillation Variability in the NCAR/CAM Candidate Configurations

                                                D. Waliser and D. Myers


   1:30 pm                 Potential Impacts of the CAM Candidate Model Configurations on Coupled Simulations

                                                E. Schneider


   2:00 pm                Reserved for other CCSM working group diagnostic analyses


   3:00 pm                 BREAK


   5:00 pm                Adjourn for the day




Thursday, 14 December


   8:30 am                 Coffee


 Discussion of Configuration Options


   9:00 am                 Comments on Candidate Configurations

                                                CCSM Working Group Chairs


  10:00 am                 Discussion of atmospheric component recommendations to SSC


  12:00 noon                ADJOURN