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Atmosphere Model Working Group Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, 28 June 2000, 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Ten Mile Room, The Village at Breckenridge



8:30 a.m.         Welcome                                                                                          Jim Hack and

Dave Randall


8:35 a.m.         Update on Prototype Model Development                                   Jim Hack


Clouds and Radiation Parameterization Activities

8:45 a.m.        New Radiation Codes for CCM4:                                                   Bill Collins

Methodology and Validation


9:15 a.m.        BUGSRad:  A Proposed Radiation                                                T. L. Schneider and

Scheme for CCM4                                                                            G. L. Stephens


9:35 a.m.        Enhancing Cloud Absorption in the CCM Short                            Ben Kirtman and

Wave Radiation and Its Effect on Coupled                                    Ed Schneider

Climate Simulation


9:55 a.m.        Break (Atrium)


Convection Parameterization Activities

10:10 a.m.      Test of Arakawa-Schubert Cumulus                                               Marat Khairoutdinov

Parameterization with Multiple Cloud-Base

Levels and Exponential Mass-Flux Profile

in CCM3


10:30 a.m.      The Role of Cumulus Schemes in the                                             Akira Kasahara and

Reproducibility of Tropical Cyclones by the                                   Junichi Tsutsui

NCAR Community Climate Model (CCM3)  


10:50 a.m.     Preliminary Experiments with Linked                                              Leo Donner

Parameterizations for Deep Convection,

Mesoscale Ice Clouds, and Prognostic Large-

Scale Microphysics in CCM


11:10 a.m.      Modifications to Zhang-McFarlane Convection                             Guang Zhang

Scheme and Their Effects on CCM3 Simulations


11:30 a.m.      Lunch


Convection Parameterization Activities (continued)

1:00 p.m.        The General Circulation and Diurnal Variability                            Phil Rasch     

in the CCM3 with Triggered Convection


Convection Diagnostics

1:15 p.m.        The MJO in the CCM3 with Triggered Convection                       Charlotte DeMott


1:30 p.m.        The Importance of Understanding Smaller Scale                          Lucrezia Ricciardulli

Convective Variability for Improving GCM Simulations


Boundary Layer/Middle Atmosphere Activities

1:50 p.m.        Status of a CTBL Parameterization for the CAM                          Chris Bretherton


2:05 p.m.        Proposed Corrections to the Vertical Diffusion and                     Byron Boville

Improvements to the Orographic Gravity Wave Drag


2:25 p.m.        The Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model:                    F. Sassi, D. Kinnison,

Development Strategy and Early Results                                       B. Boville, R. Garcia,

                                                                                                            and R. Roble

Dynamical Core Activities

2:45 p.m.        Spectral-Element Dynamics in the CAM                                        Aime' Fournier


3:05 p.m.        Modeling and Data Assimilation Activities at the                          S.-J. Lin, A. Da Silva, and

NASA/DAO Using NCAR CCM3 Physics and                              J. Joiner

Land Surface Model - Some Early Results and

Future Plans


3:25 p.m.        Discussion of Experimental and Diagnostic Strategy 

for Evaluations of Different Model Configuration Options 


Feedback on Prototype Framework


Planning for Next AMWG meeting in early fall 2000


4:00 p.m.        Adjourn


4:00 p.m.        Plenary Session (Ten Mile Room)

Report of the Working Groups (25 minutes each, 5 minutes discussion)