Journal of Climate CCSM Special Issue

Disclaimer:  Please note that all of the papers listed below as being in the Journal of Climate Special Issue on CCSM are "accepted," and these papers are close to the final published versions.

Scientific Steering Committee
1. The Community Climate System Model: CCSM3
    W. D. Collins, C. M. Bitz, M. L. Blackmon, G. B . Bonan, C. S. Bretherton, J. A. Carton, P. Chang, S. C. Doney, J. J. Hack, T. B. Henderson, J. T. Kiehl, W. G. Large, D. S. McKenna, B. D. Santer, and R. D. Smith

Atmosphere Model Working Group
1. The Formulation and Atmospheric Simulation of the Community Atmosphere Model: CAM3

W. D. Collins, P. J. Rasch, B. A. Boville, J. J. Hack, J. R. McCaa, D. L. Williamson, B. P. Briegleb, C. M. Bitz, S.-J. Lin, and M. Zhang

2. Representation of Clouds and Precipitation Processes in the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM3)
    B. A. Boville, P. J. Rasch, J. J. Hack, and J. R. McCaa

3. Simulation of the Global Hydrological Cycle in the CCSM Community Atmosphere Model (CAM3): Mean Features
J. J. Hack, J. M. Caron, S. G. Yeager, K. W. Oleson, M. M. Holland,  J. E. Truesdale,  and P. J. Rasch

4. A Characterization of Tropical Transient Activity in the CAM3 Atmospheric Hydrologic Cycle
P. J. Rasch, M. J. Stevens, L. Ricciardulli, A. Dai, R. Wood, B. A. Boville, B. Eaton, and J. J. Hack

5. Characteristics of Atmospheric Transport Using Three Numerical Formulations for Atmospheric Dynamics in a Single GCM Framework
    P. J. Rasch, D. B. Coleman, N. Mahowald,
D. L. Williamson, S.-J. Lin, B. A. Boville, and  P. Hess

6. CCSM CAM3 Climate Simulation Sensitivity to Changes in Horizontal Resolution
   J. J. Hack, J. M. Caron, G. Danabasoglu, K. W. Oleson, C. M. Bitz, and J. E. Truesdale

Climate Change Working Group
1. Climate Change Projections in the 21st Century and Climate Change Commitment in the CCSM3
   G. A. Meehl, W. M. Washington, B. D. Santer, W. D. Collins, J. M. Arblaster, A. Hu, D. M. Lawrence, H. Teng, L. E. Buja, and W. G. Strand 

2. The Climate Sensitivity of the Community Climate System Model: CCSM3
   J. T. Kiehl, C. A. Shields, J. J. Hack and W. Collins

Climate Variability Working Group
1. Tropical Pacific and Atlantic Climate Variability in CCSM3
   C. Deser, A. Capotondi, R. Saravanan, and A. Phillips

2. Extratropical Atmosphere-Ocean Variability in CCSM3
    M. Alexander, J. Yin, G. Branstator, A. Capotondi, C. Cassou, R. Cullather, Y.-O. Kwon, J. Norris,  J. Scott, and I. Wainer

3. Monsoon Regimes in the CCSM3
    G. A. Meehl, J. M. Arblaster, D. M. Lawrence, A. Seth, E. K. Schneider, B. P. Kirtman, and D. Min

4. The Dynamical Simulation of the Community Atmosphere Model Version 3 (CAM3)
    J. W. Hurrell, J. J. Hack, A. Phillips, J. Caron, and J. Yin

Land Model Working Group
1. The Community Land Model and Its Climate Statistics as a Component of the Community Climate System Model

    R. E. Dickinson,
K. W. Oleson, G. B. Bonan, F. Hoffman, P. Thornton, M. Vertenstein, Z.-L. Yang, X. Zeng

2. Evaluating Aspects of the Community Land and Atmosphere Models (CLM3 and CAM) Using a Dynamic Global Vegetation Model
    G. B. Bonan and S. Levis

Ocean Working Group
1. Attribution and Impacts of Upper Ocean Biases in CCSM3
    W. G. Large and G. Danabasoglu

2. Diurnal Coupling in the Tropical Oceans of CCSM3
    G. Danabasoglu, W. G. Large, J. J. Tribbia, P. R. Gent, B. P. Briegleb, and J. C. McWilliams

3. Ocean Chlorofluorocarbon and Heat Uptake During the 20th Century in the CCSM3
    P. R. Gent, F. O. Bryan,  G. Danabasoglu, K. Lindsay, D. Tsumune, M. W. Hecht, and S. C. Doney

4. Response of the North Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation and Ventilation to Increasing Carbon Dioxide in CCSM3
    F. O. Bryan, G. Danabasoglu, N. Nakashiki, Y. Yoshida, D.-H. Kim, J. Tsutsui, and S. C. Doney

Paleoclimate Working Group
1. Last Glacial Maximum and Holocene Climate in CCSM3
    B. L. Otto-Bliesner, E. C. Brady, G. Clauzet,
R. Tomas, S. Levis, and Z. Kothavala

2a. Low Resolution CCSM3
      S. G. Yeager, C. A. Shields, W. G. Large, and J. J. Hack

2b. Climate Sensitivity of Moderate and Low Resolution Versions of CCSM3 to Preindustrial Forcings
      B. L. Otto-Bliesner, R. Tomas, E. C. Brady, C. Ammann, Z. Kothavala, and G. Clauzet

Polar Climate Working Group
1. Influence of the Sea Ice Thickness Distribution on Polar Climate in CCSM3
   M. M. Holland, C. M. Bitz, E. C. Hunke, W. H. Lipscomb, J. L. Schramm 

2. Atmospheric Circulation and Its Effect on Arctic Sea Ice in CCSM3 Simulations at Medium and High Resolutions
   E. DeWeaver and C. M. Bitz

3. The Influence of Sea Ice on Ocean Heat Uptake in Response to Increasing CO2
   C. M. Bitz, P. R. Gent, R. A. Woodgate, M. M. Holland, and R. Lindsay 

4. Assessing Snow Albedo Feedback in Simulated Climate Change
   X. Qu and A. Hall

Related Papers Not Included in the Special Issue
1. Natural variability in a stable, 1000 year global coupled climate-carbon cycle simulation.
    S. C. Doney, K. Lindsay, I. Fung, and J. John