LENS | Support for the Community

The CESM Large Ensemble Community Project did not use a supported release version of CESM but rather a customized version, called CESM1_1_2_LENS (/glade/p/cesmdata/cseg/collections/cesm1_1_2_LENS), was created specifically for this project together with the following project specific component sets:

  • 20th century ("B20TRLENS")
  • RCP8.5 ("BRCP85LENS")
  • 1850 ("B1850LENS")

Consequently, the CESM Support Policy does not apply to this particular version of the model code. Support for the community is limited to access to the data sets and a commitment by CSEG to support the code base on yellowstone for no longer than 3 years or until yellowstone is replaced, which ever comes first.