The U.S. CLIVAR Climate Process Teams (CPTs) are formed through a competitive peer review process where theoreticians, field observationalists, and process modelers join together with the large modeling centers to incorporate the latest discoveries in their field into coupled climate models. The key aim of the CPT concept is to speed model development and increase fidelity. The primary products are new parameterizations and assessments of climate impacts. CESM developers in CGD have participated in past CPT projects, including: 

  • Gravity Current Entrainment in the ocean;
  • Eddy Mixed-Layer Interaction;
  • Low-latitude Cloud Feedback on Climate Sensitivity.

They are currently involved with four others:

  1. Ocean Mixing Processes Associated with High Spatial Heterogeneity in Sea Ice and the Implications for Climate Models, CGD Lead Gokhan Danabasoglu;
  2. Representing Internal-wave Driven Mixing in Global Ocean Models, CGD Lead Gokhan Danabasoglu;
  3. Improving the Representation of the Stratocumulus to Cumulus Transition , CGD Lead Sungsu Park;
  4. Cloud Macrophysical Parameterization and Its Application to Aerosol Indirect Effects, CGD Lead Andrew Gettelman.