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CCSM Webcasts

This page provides links to webcasts of CCSM presentations. To view them, you will need a java-enabled browser. Recent versions of Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Konqueror should work. Please see the documentation for your web browser to make sure that java is supported and available.

To listen to the webcasts, you will need a media player capable of receiving an mp3 stream. Recent version of Windows Media Player, Itunes, Winamp, XMMS, alsaplayer, mplayer, and RealPlayer should work. Itunes decodes the signal faster than most of the other media players.

There is troubleshooting information at the bottom of this page.

11th Annual CCSM Workshop, June 20-22, 2006

These webcasts will be available live from approximately 8:00 am MDT to 5:30 pm MDT on each day of the workshop. There is a separate webcast for each of the four conference rooms -- please review the agenda to see which one is approriate for you.

Conference Room Name Webcast
Aspen/Bighorn Rooms
  • Working Group Meetings
Columbine Room
  • Working Group Meetings
Elk Room
  • Working Group Meetings
Tarn Room
  • Working Group Meetings
Ten Mile Room
  • Plenary Sessions
  • Working Group Meetings



If the "listen" button does not start an audio player directly from your browser, then here is an alternate procedure:

1) start an audio player
(For Windows: winamp, realplayer, mediaplayer)
(For Linux: xmms, realplayer, alsaplayer, mplayer)

2) click file-->location in the audio player and copy one of the following URLs into the audio player location window:
For Aspen/Bighorn Rooms: http://whiteboard.cgd.ucar.edu:3128/ccsm.mp3
For Columbine Room: http://whiteboard3.cgd.ucar.edu:3128/ccsm.mp3
For Elk Room: http://whiteboard.cgd.ucar.edu:3128/ccsm.mp3
For Tarn Room: http://whiteboard4.cgd.ucar.edu:3128/ccsm.mp3
For Ten Mile Room: http://whiteboard2.cgd.ucar.edu:3128/ccsm.mp3

3) click "go"


If the "View" button does not automatically launch a new browser window running a java applet, you can try pointing a new browser window directly to one of the following URLs:
For Aspen/Bighorn Rooms: http://whiteboard.cgd.ucar.edu:80
For Columbine Room: http://whiteboard3.cgd.ucar.edu:80
For Elk Room: http://whiteboard.cgd.ucar.edu:80
For Tarn Room: http://whiteboard4.cgd.ucar.edu:80
For Ten Mile Room: http://whiteboard2.cgd.ucar.edu:80