PIO  1.7.1
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pio_types::iosystem_desc_t Type Reference

Public Attributes

integer(i4) union_comm =MPI_COMM_NULL
integer(i4) io_comm =MPI_COMM_NULL
integer(i4) comp_comm =MPI_COMM_NULL
integer(i4) intercomm =MPI_COMM_NULL
integer(i4) my_comm =MPI_COMM_NULL
integer(i4) num_tasks
integer(i4) num_iotasks
integer(i4) num_aiotasks
integer(i4) num_comptasks
integer(i4) union_rank
integer(i4) comp_rank
integer(i4) io_rank
integer(i4) info =MPI_INFO_NULL
integer(i4) numost
integer(i4) iomaster
integer(i4) compmaster
integer(i4) ioroot
integer(i4) comproot
logical(log_kind) ioproc
logical(log_kind) userearranger
logical(log_kind) async_interface =.false.
integer(i4) rearr
integer(i4) error_handling
integer(i4), dimension(:), pointer ioranks => null()

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