PIO  1.7.1
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Error Handling

By default, PIO handles errors internally by printing a string describing the error and then calling mpi_abort. Application developers can change this behaivior with a call to PIO_seterrorhandling

For example, if a developer wanted to see if an input netcdf file contained the variable 'U' they might do the following:

 call pio_seterrorhandling(File, PIO_BCAST_ERROR)
 ierr =  pio_inq_varid(File, 'U', uid)
 call pio_seterrorhandling(File, PIO_INTERNAL_ERROR)
 if(ierr/= PIO_NOERR) then
   write(stderr,*) 'Variable U not found on input file, setting to 0'

The three types of error handling methods are: