PIO  1.7.1
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pio_support Module Reference

Public Member Functions

subroutine, public piodie (file, line, msg, ival1, msg2, ival2, msg3, ival3, mpirank)
subroutine, public checkmpireturn (locmesg, errcode, file, line)
subroutine, public pio_writedof (file, DOF, comm, punit)
subroutine, public pio_readdof (file, DOF, comm, punit)
subroutine, public pio_fc_gather_offset (sendbuf, sendcnt, sendtype, recvbuf, recvcnt, recvtype, root, comm, flow_cntl)

Public Attributes

logical, public debug =.FALSE.
logical, public debugio =.FALSE.
logical, public debugasync =.FALSE.

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