PIO  1.7.1
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perf_utils Module Reference

Public Member Functions

subroutine, public perfutils_setunit (LogUnit)
subroutine, public shr_sys_abort (string)
subroutine, public shr_mpi_barrier (comm, string)
INTEGER function, public shr_file_getunit ()
subroutine, public shr_file_freeunit (unit)
subroutine, public find_group_name (unit, group, status)
function, public 
to_lower (str)

Public Attributes

integer, parameter, public shr_kind_r8 = selected_real_kind(12)
integer, parameter, public shr_kind_i8 = selected_int_kind (13)
integer, parameter, public shr_kind_in = kind(1)
integer, parameter, public shr_kind_cl = 256
integer, parameter, public shr_kind_cx = 512

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