PIO  1.7.1
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perf_mod Module Reference

Public Member Functions

subroutine, public t_getlogunit (LogUnit)
subroutine, public t_setlogunit (LogUnit)
logical function, public t_profile_onf ()
logical function, public t_barrier_onf ()
logical function, public t_single_filef ()
subroutine, public t_stampf (wall, usr, sys)
subroutine, public t_startf (event, handle)
subroutine, public t_stopf (event, handle)
subroutine, public t_enablef ()
subroutine, public t_disablef ()
subroutine, public t_adj_detailf (detail_adjustment)
subroutine, public t_barrierf (event, mpicom)
subroutine, public t_prf (filename, mpicom, num_outpe, stride_outpe, single_file, global_stats, output_thispe)
subroutine, public t_initf (NLFilename, LogPrint, LogUnit, mpicom, MasterTask)
subroutine, public t_finalizef ()

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