PIO  1.7.1
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namelist_mod Module Reference

Public Member Functions

subroutine, public readtestpio_namelist (device, nprocs, filename, caller, ierror)
subroutine, public broadcast_namelist (caller, myID, root, comm, ierror)

Public Attributes

integer(kind=i4), parameter, public buffer_size_str_len = 20
integer(kind=i4), parameter, public true_false_str_len = 6
integer(kind=i4), parameter, public romio_str_len = 10
logical, save, public async
integer(i4), save, public nx_global
integer(i4), save, public ny_global
integer(i4), save, public nz_global
integer(i4), save, public rearr_type
integer(i4), save, public num_iotasks
integer(i4), save, public stride
integer(i4), save, public base
integer(i4), save, public debuglevel
integer(i4), save, public maxiter
integer(i4), save, public num_aggregator
integer(i4), save, public iotype
integer(i4), save, public num_iodofs
integer(i4), save, public nvars
integer(i4), dimension(4),
save, public 
integer(kind=i4), save, public set_mpi_values = 0
save, public 
mpi_cb_buffer_size = ''
integer(kind=i4), save, public set_romio_values = 0
save, public 
romio_cb_write = ''
save, public 
romio_cb_read = ''
save, public 
romio_direct_io = ''
integer(kind=i4), save, public set_ibm_io_values = 0
save, public 
ibm_io_buffer_size = ''
save, public 
ibm_io_largeblock_io = ''
save, public 
ibm_io_sparse_access = ''
integer(kind=i4), save, public set_lustre_values = 0
integer(kind=i4), save, public lfs_ost_count = 1
character(len=80), save, public compdof_input
character(len=80), save, public iodof_input
character(len=80), save, public compdof_output
character(len=256), save, public part_input
character(len=256), save, public casename
character(len=80), save, public dir
character(len=4), save, public iofmtd
character(len=8), save, public rearr

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