PIO  1.7.1
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gdecomp_mod Module Reference

Public Member Functions

subroutine, public gdecomp_set (gdecomp, nxg, nyg, nzg, gdx, gdy, gdz, bdx, bdy, bdz, npes, nblksppe, grdorder, grddecomp, blkorder, blkdecomp1, blkdecomp2, name, my_task)
subroutine, public gdecomp_read_nml (gdecomp, nml_file, nml_var, my_task, ntasks, gdims)
subroutine, public gdecomp_print (gdecomp)
subroutine, public gdecomp_dof (gdecomp, my_task, DOF, start, count, write_decomp, test)
subroutine, public mpas_decomp_generator (dim1, dim2, dim3, my_task, fname, dof)
subroutine, public camlike_decomp_generator (gnx, gny, gnz, myid, ntasks, npr_yz, dof)

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