New Time-Averaged History-File Variables

NCAR CSM Ocean Model (NCOM)Revision 1.4.0

July 1998

When the time-averaging option was originally added to NCOM, only a subset of the history-file quantites were included. For completeness in NCOM 1.4, time-averaged counterparts to all of the instantaneous fields were added where necessary.

The following table lists all of the new time-averaged history-file quantities added to NCOM 1.4. The first column lists the name of the field on the netCDF file; the second lists the corresponding name in the NCOM code itself; the third is the name of the new time-averaged variable in the NCOM code. Note that the netCDF variable name is the same for either time-averaged or instantaneous fields; the netCDF attribute 'time_rep' indicates whether the quantity is time-averaged or not.

Name of Variable
in netCDF file
Name of New Time-Averaged
Field in NCOM
Name of Instantaneous Counterpart
in NCOM code
NCON nconxy nconxy_time_avg horizontal counter array which keeps the number of times "vdc" and "vvc" is set to the limit value.
hblt hblt hblt_time_avg boundary layer depth, on "t-grid"
hbml hmxl hmxl_time_avg mixed layer depth on "t-grid"
perr gdir/sperr
spe_time_avg closed line integral of surface pressure
dpdx res/spx
spx_time_avg longitudinal change in surface pressure
dpdy fdir/spy
spy_time_avg latitudinal change in surface pressure
buoylev buoy buoy_time_avg buoyancy per unit volume
runoff_o (deferred implementation) runoff_o runoff_time_avg river-runoff in kg/s/m**2 which has been distributed to specified ocean grid locations
tmtreg tmtreg tmtreg_time_avg Eulerian-mean meridional overturning in each horizontal ocean region
tmtisoreg (deferred) tmtisoreg
tmtisoreg_time_avg eddy-induced meridional overturning in each horizontal ocean region
S_horiz, etc
avggk avggk_time_avg total global volume-weighted tracer average at a k level
S_horiz, etc
avgbk avgbk_time_avg volume-weighted tracer average for a region at a k level
engext engext engext_time_avg external mode energy integral components per unit volume
plicex plicex_time_avg residual term -- external mode
engin engint engin_time_avg internal mode energy integral components per unit volume
plicin plicin_time_avg residual term -- internal mode
pisle pisle pisle_time_avg island streamfunction
ekt ektot (0,1) ekt_time_avg total kinetic energy

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