The CCSM Coupler -- Version 6
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In early 2001, the CCSM Coupler 6 Project was launched as a joint DOE/NCAR effort to design and build a more robust coupler component, cpl6, for use in the CCSM coupled system. The primary goals for cpl6 were to introduce significant improvements in portability, performance, and extensibility, and to create one coupler component to replace the two existing CCSM and PCM coupler components. Like previous CCSM couplers, cpl6 fits into the existing CCSM software framework and is responsible for providing the same functionality within that framework, but cpl6 represents a major re-write of the coupler component involving the creation of two new lower level, general purpose libraries, MCT and MPH, to handle message passing data transfers.

Fully functional beta versions of cpl6 are in use, and, as of early 2003, all internal CCSM development has migrated from cpl5 to cpl6. The first public release cpl6 will be as part of the CCSM3.0 release, which is scheduled for Summer 2004.


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