The Coupler v5.0
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Vision Statement

The cpl5 project will deliver cpl5, an upgraded version of cpl4, for use as the coupler component in CCSM 2.0, the next major release of the full CCSM. Cpl5 is viewed as an interim coupler component, but the follow-on, cpl6, will not be available in time for the CCSM 2.0 release. Because cpl5 is an interim component, some desired upgrades may be deferred to cpl6 and not implemented in cpl5.


Release Date

The Coupler, version 5.0, will be the coupler component of CCSM 2.0 and thus will be released when CCSM 2.0 is released. CCSM 2.0 is scheduled for released in May of 2002.

What is a "coupler" ?

box diagram CCSM coupled model is based on a framework which divides the complete climate system into component models connected by a coupler. This design requires four component models -- atmosphere, land, ocean, and sea-ice -- each connected to the coupler, and each exchanging data with the coupler only. From a software engineering point of view, the CCSM is not a particular climate model, but a framework for building and testing various climate models for various applications. In this sense, more than any particular component model, the coupler defines the high-level design of CCSM software.

The coupler code has several key functions within the CCSM framework: