NCAR CSM Flux Coupler, version 4.0 -- User's Guide         Table of Contents

8   Source Code Maintenance

The distribution FORTRAN source code for the Flux Coupler comes with a Makefile which uses the Cray, SGI, or NEC f90 pre-processors, compilers, and loaders to create object files and link them into an executable code. Makefiles tend to be very site-specific, so the user is expected to modify the Makefile as necessary.

The original source code was developed using the CVS revision control system, but only one "tagged" version of the Coupler is available within any source code distribution. This information can be used to identify the code contained in a particular distribution.

A user may wish to modify their copy of the Coupler source code. If one wishes to modify the Coupler source code, it is strongly recommended that one first study § 7 in this document in conjunction with studying the source code file "main.F." This should provide a good overview of how the Coupler works, a necessary prerequisite for successful code modification.

The Coupler source code is written almost entirely using standard FORTRAN 77. Perhaps the most notable exception is the use of the library calls "msread" and "mswrite" which rely on NCAR's site specific Mass Storage System (MSS) for storing large output files. The use of the Coupler on non-NCAR computers will necessitate code modification of the source code to remove such site specific or machine specific code. Searching for preprocessor "if-defs," e.g. "#if (defined CRAY)", in the source code files should lead you to the code which is not standard FORTRAN.

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