CESM2 Supported Releases and Known Issues

CESM2 Supported Releases

CESM2.0.1 Release Notes

CESM2.0.1 is an incremental bug fix release that includes fixes for some known issues (see table below), updates to documentation, updates for machine support and an expanded list of supported machines.

CESM2.0.0 Release Notes

Please see the What's New in CESM2 for information pertaining to the CESM2.0.0 release tag.

CESM2 Known Issues

These are issues known by CSEG at the time of a release. Users are encouraged to also participate in the DiscussCESM Forums in order to receive notifications regarding fixes as well as posting additional issues and questions.

Component Brief Description Github Issue Affected Version Fixed in Version Details Workaround
CAM Bug in CESM2.0.0 routine micro_mg2_0.F90 N/A CESM2.0.0 A bug has been identified in the release code of CESM2.0.0 regarding the evaporation of rain number in Morrison-Gettelman V2 (MG2) cloud microphysics. This bug has been fixed in the cam6_0_005 tag, which was checked in to the CAM SVN development trunk on July 16, 2018. Instructions for a workaround are available on the DiscussCESM forums under this forum post.
CIME Problem with conversion to radians when creating ocean domain files 2736 CESM2.0.0
The issue and tested fix are detailed in CESM Github link.
CIME Model does not support PIO_NETCDF_FORMAT=64bit_data 2646 CESM2.0.0 The 64bit_data output format is only supported when PIO_TYPENAME is pnetcdf.
In your $CASEROOT, edit file Macros.make and replace
case.build --clean-all ; case.build
CIME Component ww3 issues error 2649 CESM2.0.0 CESM2.0.1 WAVEWATCH III ERROR IN W3IOGR : ERROR IN OPENING FILE
The first time you run the ww3 buildnml script on a new system the data must be staged, but the staging step happens after the buildnml step. Simply submitting the case again will resolve the problem.
CIME Problem with GET_REFCASE and RUN_TYPE setting combinations 2651 CESM2.0.0 CESM2.0.1 If a case using XML variable RUN_TYPE='hybrid' or 'restart' has XML variable GET_REFCASE set to TRUE and the user changes this value to FALSE, the model will continue to act as if GET_REFCASE=TRUE.
Delete the file $CASEROOT/Buildconf/refcase.input_data_list
CLM Using multidriver option with CLM 389 CESM2.0.0 CESM2.0.1 Using the multidriver option with the clm component requires a source code modification.
The modification is described in CTSM Github issue link.
Component Brief Description Github Issue Affected Version Fixed in Version Details Workaround