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CESM2.0 Series Release Notes

Scientific Validation

Scientific validation consists of a multi-decadal model run of the given component set at the target resolution, followed by scientific review of the model output diagnostics. All scientifically supported component sets are also accompanied by diagnostic and model output data.

What version of the model should I use?

For a scientifically supported target component set and resolution, please refer to the Scientifically Validated Configurations for that target configuration.

Diagnostic Packages and Naming Conventions

CIME Documentation


Model Documentation


Component Models

External Library Documentation

Model Input Data

The input data necessary to run all supported component sets is made available from a public Subversion input data repository. Note that the inputdata repository has much more data in it than you need to run CESM2.0 ---- DO NOT attempt to svn checkout the whole input data repository. The CESM2.0 User's Guide explains how to obtain the subset of input data required for your needs.

Performance and Load Balancing Data

The development and testing of CESM2.0 required several iterations in the CESM1.Y series. The following timing tables for each model revision are available: