Namelist options that should NOT be exercised:

Build-Namelist options that should NOT be exercised:

  1. -irrig with -bgc cn and -phys clm4_0 We have only run the irrigation model with CLMSP (i.e. without the CN model). We recommend that if you want to run the irrigation model with CN, that you do a spinup. But, more than that you may need to make adjustments to irrig_factor in models/lnd/clm/src/biogeophys/CanopyFluxesMod.F90. See the notes on this in the description of the irrigation model in the Technical Descriptions of the Interactive Crop Management and Interactive Irrigation Models.

  2. -irrig with -crop on and -phys clm4_0 Irrigation doesn't work with the prognostic crop model. Irrigation is only applied to generic crop currently, which negates it's practical usage. We also have a known problem when both are on (see bug 1326 in the models/lnd/clm/doc/KnownBugs file). If you try to run in this mode, the CLM build-namelist will return with an error.

Namelist items that should NOT be exercised:

  1. suplnitro='ALL' The suplnitro namelist option to the CN Biogeochemistry model supplies unlimited nitrogen and therefore vegetation is over-productive in this mode.

  2. urban_traffic:Not currently functional

  3. allowlakeprod:Considered experimental.

  4. anoxia_wtsat:Considered experimental (deprecated will be removed).

  5. atm_c14_filename:Considered experimental (dataset not provided).

  6. exponential_rooting_profile:Considered experimental.

  7. fin_use_fsat:Considered experimental.

  8. glc_dyntopo:Not currently functional.

  9. lake_decomp_fact:Considered experimental.

  10. more_vertlayers:Considered experimental.

  11. no_frozen_nitrif_denitrif:Considered experimental.

  12. perchroot:Considered experimental.

  13. perchroot_alt:Considered experimental.

  14. replenishlakec:Considered experimental.

  15. use_c14_bombspike:Considered experimental (dataset not provided).

  16. usefrootc:Considered experimental.