Configure Modes NOT scientifically validated, documented, supported or, in some cases, even advised to be used:

These are options that you would add to CLM_CONFIG_OPTS.

  1. -exlaklayers on[CLM4.5 only] This mode is NOT tested and may NOT be even functional.

  2. -snicar_frc on[CLM4.0 AND CLM4.5] This mode is tested and functional, but is NOT constantly scientifically validated, and should be considered experimental.

  3. -vichydro on[CLM4.5 only] This mode is tested and functional, but does NOT have long scientific validation simulations run with it so, should be considered experimental.

  4. -vsoilc_centbgc[CLM4.5 only] This option is extensively tested for both "on" and "off". The "no-vert" option has limited testing performed on it, but isn't scientifically validated (and it currently has a bug -- see 1746 and 1672 in models/lnd/clm/doc/KnownBugs). The "no-cent" and "no-nitrif" options are NOT tested and as such may NOT ben even functional.