Testing PTCLM use the PTCLM test script

There is a simple test script for PTCLM called testcases.csh in the PTCLM directory (scripts/ccsm_utils/Tools/lnd/clm/PTCLM). The test script is setup to run on the machines: yellowstone, frankfurt, yong, and titan. You simply run the script interactively. The script will write out the status of tests to a file called: tc.job#.status.

There are a few environment variables that can be used with testcases.csh to change it's operation.

CESM_ROOT: To test with a separate root to CESM code set this env variable to the root directory to use.
CLM_SOFF: If set to TRUE - stop on first failed test rather than continuing to run.
CLM_RETAIN_FILES: If set to FALSE - cleanup tools build first.
DEBUG: If set to TRUE - setup cases, but do not build or run.