CESM Research Tools: Post Processing Utilities

CLM Post Processing Utilities

The CLM diagnostics package can be accessed from the release code repository . The CLM post-processing utilities are currently provided only as a service to the community. Informal community support is provided via the CESM bulletin board. General questions should be submitted to this bulletin board; however, any bugs found in the packages should be reported to the appropriate working group liaison.

Once approval is granted for access to the release repository, users may freely download the diagnostic packages. Users are urged to 'export' the packages from the repository rather than checking them out. For example:

> svn export https://svn-ccsm-release.cgd.ucar.edu/model_diagnostics/lnd/clm/lnd_diag4.1.22/

will result in the user obtaining the post processing utilities "lnd_diag" version 4.1.22. For more details on utilizing the release repository, please see the section on Downloading CESM in the User's Guide

Version 4.1 of the package is lnd_diag4.1.22

Version 4.2 of the package is lnd_diag4.2.28

Version 4.2 includes many improvements over version 4.1 including

  • Efficiency improvements to speed up netcdf file processing
  • Switch to hpss from mss
  • Handle new RTM files
  • Add new obs datasets including FLUXNET latent heat/gpp and MODIS LAI
  • Option to run swift which runs the package on multiple processors on geyser (developed by Sheri Mickelson, Argonne National Laboratory)
  • New set_2 projection and color schemes and general improvements to other sets (developed by Adam Phillips, NCAR)
  • Regridding from spectral element to finite volume in both swift and non-swift mode (developed by Sheri Mickelson)
  • Inclusion of the CLAMP diagnostics package

Version 4.2 is quite a bit more complex than 4.1 and as such may be less user-friendly particularly for users who have no previous experience with the diagnostics package. In addition, not all combinations of options have been tested in 4.2. New users may want to start with 4.1. To setup and use swift in 4.2 see the swift document linked below or in the top-level diagnostics directory. Questions about the diagnostics package can be addressed to Keith Oleson (oleson@ucar.edu). Questions specifically about swift can be addressed to Sheri Mickelson (mickelso@mcs.anl.gov).


Other Post-Processing Utilities

  • NCL (NCAR Command Language)
  • NCO (NetCDF Operators)