____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: Problem running PST.f09_g16.I.jaguarpf Date : 2011-12-01 Contact : erik bugnumber : 1410 Information: Running on jaguar I get the following problem... aprun: -N cannot exceed -n aprun: Exiting due to errors. Application aborted aprun looks like this.. aprun -n 8 -N 12 -d 1 ./ccsm.exe >&! ccsm.log.$LID and batch has... #PBS -l size=12 every component has 8 processors except ocean which has 5, no concurrency and no threads. ============================================================================ NOTE: This problem report applies to a very limited set of circumstances, and is included in the cesm1_0_4 release notes because it was reported for a previous release. In the rare event that a user encounters a similar problem, in which the number of processors used is less than the number of processors on the node, the fix is to change the value for the -N option in the aprun command to the number of processors used. ============================================================================