____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: compsets: E_2000_CN_GLC, E_1850_CN_GLC, F_AMIP_CAM5_CN, F_1850_CN_GLC do NOT have CN turned on as they should! Date : 2011-06-29 Contact : erik Bugnumber : 1366 Information: The compsets: E_2000_CN_GLC E_1850_CN_GLC F_AMIP_CAM5_CN F_1850_CN_GLC fail to turn CN on in CLM as they should. The scripts/ccsm_utils/Case.template/config_compsets.xml can be edited to add the line: CLM_CONFIG_OPTS="-bgc cn" Or you can set this in any case that generates with xmlchange ./xmlchange -file env_conf.xml -id CLM_CONFIG_OPTS -append -val "-bgc cn"