____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: Incorrect initial conditions file used as default for cam5 at fv 0.47x0.63 Date : 2010-12-13 Contact : mvr@ucar.edu Information: The setting for the default initial conditions file when running CAM5 using finite volume at 0.47x0.63 resolution is incorrect. To correct the problem, the file: ~models/atm/cam/bld/namelist_files/namelist_defaults_cam.xml should be modified in the following manner: existing: <ncdata dyn="fv" hgrid="0.47x0.63" nlev="30" chem="trop_mam3" ic_ymd="101">atm/cam/inic/fv/cami-mam3_0000-01-01_0.9x1.25_L30_c100929.nc</ncdata> corrected: <ncdata dyn="fv" hgrid="0.47x0.63" nlev="30" chem="trop_mam3" ic_ymd="101">atm/cam/inic/fv/cami-mam3_0000-01-01_0.47x0.63_L30_c100929.nc</ncdata> We expect a corrected version of this file to be included with the cesm1_0_3 release.