Release Notes, What's New, and Known Problems


Release Notes

SVN $URL: https://svn-ccsm-release.cgd.ucar.edu/model_versions/cesm1_0_1 $

Tag name: cesm1_0_1
Originator(s): cseg
Date: Fri Sep 17 2010
One-line Summary: First update to the cesm1.0 release code.

What's New

Answer-Changing Features

The following changes in the cesm1_0_1 tag will result in some cases not producing bit-for-bit results when compared with the previous tag:

Known Problems

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: All T31 resolutions are not scientifcally validated (fixed in cesm1_0_2) Date : 2010-09-24 Contact : kauff Information: All configurations using the T31 resolution in cesm1.0 and cesm1.0.1 are NOT tuned and not scientifcally validated. The CESM staff will release a tuned and scientifically validated version of the T31 resolution in the near future.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: Module changes needed on jaguar/jaguarpf Date : 2011-02-01 Contact : njn01 Information: =============================================================================== NOTE: As of 11 February 2011, this problem has been resolved by ORNL: "ORNL changed the defaults back to the original module version. Apparently there was something wrong with the new module." =============================================================================== Recent system changes on the ORNL jaguar and jaguarpf machines have rendered the release-model scripts obsolete on these two machines. Future releases of the CESM scripts will incorporate changes to fix the problem, but until then, users can use the following work-around strategy: New cases: 1) In your $CASE directory: add the following line to env_machine_specific: module swap xt-asyncpe xt-asyncpe/3.7 2) configure and build as usual Existing cases: 1) same as step one above 2) run the clean build script ($CASE.clean_build) 3) rebuild

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: Scripts changes needed to run CESM on NERSC hopper2 (fixed in cesm1_0_3) Date : 2011-03-29 Contact : fischer Information: 1) In your CESM1 sandbox, cd to scripts/ccsm_utils/Machines. 2) Insert the following into config_machines.xml, the best place would be after the hopper entry.

< machine MACH="hopp2"
         DESC="NERSC XE6, os is CNL, 24 pes/node, batch system is PBS"
         BATCHQUERY="qstat -f"
3) Copy files needed for hopp2
  cp Macros.hopper Macros.hopp2
  cp env_machopts.hopper env_machopts.hopp2
  cp mkbatch.hopper mkbatch.hopp2 
4) Edit env_machopts.hopp2, change to following lines.

    module switch xt-mpt xt-mpt/5.1.2               
    module switch xt-libsci xt-libsci/10.4.0
    module switch xt-mpich2 xt-mpich2/5.1.2
    module switch xt-libsci xt-libsci/10.4.9        

5) Edit mkbatch.hopp2, change to following line.
    set mach = hopper
    set mach = hopp2

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: Scripts don't support ESMF serial code Date : 2010-09-16 Contact : fischer Information: During compilation, ESMF is trying to link in a mpi library. On bluefire, setting ESMF_LIBDIR to /contrib/esmf-4.0.0rp2-64-mpiuni/lib will allow you to run serial code.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: GLIMMER-CISM (ice sheet) not set up for ESMF Date : 2010-09-16 Contact : fischer Information: CISM doesn't support ESMF, fails to compile.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: List of minor issues for CLM in CESM1.0.1 Date : 09/17/2010 Contact : erik Information: There is a list of minor issues with CLM under the CLM Documentation at http://www.cesm.ucar.edu/models/cesm1.0/clm/KnownBugs.CESM1.0.1

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: Problems compiling share code (shr_scam_mod.F90) with intel compilers Date : 2010-09-22 Contact : tcraig NOTE : A workaround for the shr_scam_mod.F90 build issue has been implemented in the cesm1_0_2 public release tag. Information: Several users in the community have reported compilation hangs or extremely long compile times for the file shr_scam_mod.F90 in the csm_share build with various intel compilers. We believe this is a compiler problem. A short term fix is to edit models/csm_share/shr/shr_scam_mod.F90 as follows; comment out any lines associated with declaration or use of the variable SDAT. This code is only needed when running with the data ocean model in scam (single point) mode. Most users are probably not doing that. Adding a shr_sys_abort call in the appropriate location will confirm that the code is not needed at run time. The changes in models/csm_share/shr/shr_scam_mod.F90 should look something like line 280: ! type(shr_strdata_type) :: SDAT line 349+: call shr_sys_abort('shr_scam_checkSurface abort for SDAT') ! call shr_strdata_readnml(SDAT,ocn_in) ! call shr_dmodel_readgrid(SDAT%grid,SDAT%gsmap,SDAT%nxg, SDAT%nyg, & ! SDAT%domainfile, ocn_compid, ocn_mpicom, '1d', readfrac=.true., & ! scmmode=.true.,scmlon=scmlon,scmlat=scmlat) ! nfrac = mct_aVect_indexRA(SDAT%grid%data,'frac') ! if ( present(ocn_present)) ocn_present=(SDAT%grid%data%rAttr(nfrac,1).gt.0.) ! if ( present(ocn_present).and.present(ice_present)) ice_present=ocn_present ! if ( present(lnd_present)) lnd_present=(SDAT%grid%data%rAttr(nfrac,1).lt.1.) If anyone continue to have problems, please email cesm-help at cgd dot ucar dot edu to provide additional information.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: POP2 overflow-parameterization constants (fixed in cesm1_0_3) Date : 2010-11-29 Contact : njn01 Information: Some double-precision constants in the POP2 overflows module are initialized with single-precision values. While this issue does not affect the accuracy of the climate simulation, it does affect port-validation comparisons, due to differences in the way different compilers handle this situation. All compsets that include the active ocean model and use the overflows parameterization are affected by this issue. A corrected version will be included in the cesm1_0_3 release.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: Directions for spinup use a single year of forcing (fixed in cesm1_0_3) Date : 2011-04-22 Contact : erik Information: The directions for spinning up the CLM model use a compset with a single year of atmospheric forcing. You should change this to run over a series of years by doing something like the following. ./xmlchange -file env_conf.xml -id DATM_CLMNCEP_YR_START -val 1948 ./xmlchange -file env_conf.xml -id DATM_CLMNCEP_YR_END -val 2004 Also see the discussion on this on the bulletin board: http://forum.cgd.ucar.edu/showthread.php?1966-problem-with-CLM-CN-spinup

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: The CICE history files have some incorrect history fields (albpnd, albice, albsno). These should not be used. Date : 2011-05-09 Contact : dbailey Information: The counters for these albedos over ponds, ice, and snow are incorrect. These should not be used. They are diagnostic only. A fix is currently being worked on and will be released at a later date.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: B1850BDRD compset has incorrect CCSM_CO2_PPMV value Date : 2011-05-26 Contact : Keith Lindsay Information: In the B1850BDRD compset, the value of CCSM_CO2_PPMV is not being set correctly to 284.7. The value can be corrected by editing env_conf.xml by hand, or by running the command: ./xmlchange -file env_conf.xml -id CCSM_CO2_PPMV -val 284.7 in $CASEROOT. This correction must be applied before running configure -case.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: Gregorian calendar in CICE Date : 2011-06-06 Contact : Dave Bailey Information: The Gregorian calendar in the sea ice model has some inconsistencies. This mode should be used with caution. Note that this affects the Gregorian calendar only in compsets with active or prescribed ice (B, D, E, F). Questions about this should be directed to dbailey --at -- ucar --dot-- edu.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: D, G, and I compsets have dust wet/dry deposition mislabeled for bin 4 -- no change to answers Date : 2011-06-09 Contact : erik Bug number : 1359 Information: Mark Flanner found the following error in the datm template for prescribed aerosol: Index: datm.template.streams.xml =================================================================== --- datm.template.streams.xml (revision 28874) +++ datm.template.streams.xml (working copy) @@ -1542,8 +1542,8 @@ DSTX02DD dstdry2 DSTX03WD dstwet3 DSTX03DD dstdry3 - DSTX04WD dstdry4 - DSTX04DD dstwet4 + DSTX04WD dstwet4 + DSTX04DD dstdry4 %p This is an issue with all "D", "G" and "I" compsets in cesm1_0_3. There's only one D compset: D_NORMAL_YEAR, and two G compsets: G_1850_ECOSYS, and G_NORMAL_YEAR, there's 25 "I" compsets. Mark also assures us that this has no impact on simulations: "As far as I can tell this had zero impact because CESM1 treats the dry and wet dust deposition identically in both SNICAR and the sea-ice model. I only noticed it because I recently made a change to the code that does differentiate between wet and dry dust deposition."

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: WACCM gravity wave breaking bug Date : 2011-08-31 Contact : Michael Mills, mmills@ucar.edu Information: Details: Gravity waves break in the middle and upper atmosphere where molecular diffusion coefficients become large. However, the gravity wave breaking scheme has been passed an eddy diffusivity for heat (kvh) instead of molecular diffusivity. Hence gravity wave breaking in the upper atmosphere is not treated correctly. In tests where this bug is fixed, very little change is seen in calculated climate or dynamics of the middle atmosphere. This bug should be fixed with the next public release of CESM.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: I compsets hang at configure step with a bad user_nl_clm file that has double quotes Date : 2011-11-18 Contact : erik Bugnumber : 1425 Information: Charlie Koven found this issue.. If you have an input user_nl_clm namelist being parsed that has double quotes in it -- Namelist.pm gets in an infinite loop and hangs... So something like... hist_fincl1 = 'NET_NMIN_vr',''GROSS_NMIN_vr','POTENTIAL_IMMOB_vr','ACTUAL_IMMOB_vr','SMINN_TO_PLANT_vr' will cause configure to hang -- until you hit control-C. The work around is to give it a correct namelist without the double-quotes. But, you'll have to recognize the problem yourself.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: CFC initialization in POP is incorrect for 20th century branch and hybrid runs Date : 2013-01-28 Contact : mlevy Information: To fix this problem, copy this version of ocn.cfc.setup.csh into $CASEROOT/SourceMods/src.pop2/

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: Incorrect diagnostic output for POP2 variable RHO_VINT Date : 2013-02-05 Contact : mlevy Information: There is a bug in the way POP2 computes the diagnostic variable RHO_VINT. Note that this issue does not affect any of the prognostic variables in the CESM 1.0[.x] releases.