Appendix B. Supported Grids

The following table lists all the supported grids. Run "create_newcase -list" from the scripts directory to view the list for the current version of CCSM4.

Table B-1. supported grids

Grid (Shortname) atm_gridlnd_gridice_gridocn_gridatm_grid typeocn_grid type
pt1_pt1 (pt1)pt1 pt1 pt1 pt1 NA NA
0.47x0.63_0.47x0.63 (f05_f05)0.47x0.63 0.47x0.63 0.47x0.63 0.47x0.63 finite volume finite volume
0.47x0.63_gx1v6 (f05_g16)0.47x0.63 0.47x0.63 gx1v6 gx1v6 finite volume displaced pole
0.47x0.63_tx0.1v2 (f05_t12)0.47x0.63 0.47x0.63 tx0.1v2 tx0.1v2 finite volume triple pole
0.9x1.25_0.9x1.25 (f09_f09)0.9x1.25 0.9x1.25 0.9x1.25 0.9x1.25 finite volume finite volume
0.9x1.25_gx1v6 (f09_g16)0.9x1.25 0.9x1.25 gx1v6 gx1v6 finite volume displaced pole
1.9x2.5_1.9x2.5 (f19_f19)1.9x2.5 1.9x2.5 1.9x2.5 1.9x2.5 finite volume finite volume
1.9x2.5_gx1v6 (f19_g16)1.9x2.5 1.9x2.5 gx1v6 gx1v6 finite volume displaced pole
4x5_4x5 (f45_f45)4x5 4x5 4x5 4x5 finite volume finite volume
4x5_gx3v7 (f45_g37)4x5 4x5 gx3v7 gx3v7 finite volume displaced pole
T62_gx3v7 (T62_g37)96x192 96x192 gx3v7 gx3v7 spectral displaced pole
T62_tx0.1v2 (T62_t12)96x192 96x192 tx0.1v2 tx0.1v2 spectral triple pole
T62_gx1v6 (T62_g16)96x192 96x192 gx1v6 gx1v6 spectral displaced pole
T31_T31 (T31_T31)48x96 48x96 48x96 48x96 spectral spectral
T31_gx3v7 (T31_g37)48x96 48x96 gx3v7 gx3v7 spectral displaced pole
T42_T42 (T42_T42)64x128 64x128 64x128 64x128 spectral spectral
10x15_10x15 (f10_f10)10x15 10x15 10x15 10x15 finite volume finite volume
ne30np4_1.9x2.5_gx1v6 (ne30_f19_g16)ne30np4 1.9x2.5 gx1v6 gx1v6 cubed sphere displaced pole